The PlayStation Move "Sharp Shooter" Is A Bizarre Peripheral. We Don't Know If We Love It Or Hate It.

The peripheral, which is set to launch day-and-date with Killzone 3 for $39.99, is said to offer the most "realistic experience possible".

It's essentially an assault rifle which the PlayStation Move and Navigation Controller slot into. It gives you access to all of the PlayStation face buttons, as well as Move control and the Navi's analogue stick. Honestly, it actually seems like they have thought this through. The buttons are there, and it seems like it would actually work.

But then realistically, does anyone want to actually play through Killzone 3 holding a plastic rifle? What's more, why does this peripheral look like something that would have launched alongside the PSone?

Readers we need your help - is this terrible or brilliant? We just can't decide.