MAG's Royal Rumble-Like Escalation DLC Is Set To Hit The PlayStation Store Next Week.

Zipper's confirmed that the Escalation DLC — which places 32 players from each faction on the map — will launch for $9.99 next week.

The new game-mode actually sounds cool. Here's the gist of it: all three factions duke it out for three control points. When any one faction gains control of two points, the game is locked and a fourth control point opens. It's down to the faction with the two control points to hold the fourth for as long as possible. When the fourth control point has been taken back by a rival faction, the original three points reopen. Does that make sense?

Zipper's also announced that the game's original DLC, Interdiction, will be reduced to $4.99, while massive MAG Starter Kit will be made available including both pieces of slices of post-release content for $14.99.

There's tons more information on the PlayStation Blog.