If Only Real American Politics Were This Interesting, Right?

It would have been foolish for EA to pass up on them in their NBA Jam reboot. Thankfully, the game's creative director Trey Smith has confirmed in an interview with ESPN that a series of political and cultural icons will show up in the slam-dunkin' arcade title. Famous faces are set to include Bill Clinton, the Beastie Boys, President Obama, VP Joe Biden, Secretary of State Hilary Clinton and former VP Al Gore.

On the other side of the metaphorical political fence, Sarah Palin, "Dubbya" Bush and John McCain will all be represented. "Secret characters were on the list from day one," Smith said, adding "these secret characters and the element of surprise is something we hung our hats on very early."

Hopefully the secret characters will all make it across to the PlayStation 3 version of the game, which is being thrown together at the last minute after NBA Elite 11's delay.

[source joystiq.com]