Oh Boy! Oh Boy! Oh Boy!

Breathe. We thought Shenmue had all but dropped off the radar — we've wished, prayed, dreamed of a third Shenmue sequel. We've even considered becoming multi-billionaires to fund the game's development. We need to know what happens. How could SEGA leave us in the cave with Shenhua like that?

It's been years since mention of a Shenmue game. Shenmue 3 was presumably in development at one point. Likewise, Shenmue Online was announced and subsequently cancelled. If we're honest, we never thought we'd live to see another Shenmue announcement.

But overnight in Japan a new Shenmue game was announced. So, it's not what any of us really want. It's a mobile game called Shenmue Town for Yahoo! Japan's Mobage-town social network.

We'll never get to play it. But it means the Shenmue name exists. Someone, somewhere is developing something in the Shenmue universe. That's huge. We're secretly hoping every single person in Japan starts playing this social network game — if only to wake SEGA up. We need Shenmue 3. Do it!