The news means nothing on its own, but once you start to align some assumptions things begin to make sense.

Sumo Digital predicts the title is still some 18 months away, placing the top-secret title in a release window around the end of 2011/start of 2012. That's about the time the PSP2 is predicted to launch by the way.

Likewise, James North-Hearn - the CEO of Sumo's parent company Foundation 9 - had the following tid-bit to reveal:

"If you look at the kind of products Sumo has done in the past, arcadey, handheld, racing, we're still there. We're doing some great work. They're doing one project that's very bleeding edge, that's probably a year and a half still from market, but when it comes out people will appreciate it's very different - that's being sponsored by a big hardware company."

A "bleeding edge" handheld racing title due out around the start of 2012? And it's sponsored by a "big hardware company"? And plenty of developers are already getting their PSP2 development kits? Look, we know we're drawing huge assumptions here - but we'd place pretty big money on a Sumo Digital developed launch title for the PSP2. It makes too much sense.