We don't know where all this concern has come from. "The story won't make sense." Yeah, as if BioWare, the studio who created one of this year's best narrative experiences, are going to do a sloppy job bridging the plot. "It'll be a rubbish port." Again - BioWare.

It strikes us as odd that one moment people would be singing the studio's praises, then the next making them sound average at best. The port's going to be good because BioWare are doing it. The franchise is important to them, and it makes sense for them to do a good job if they want to open up a new audience.

Thankfully, some technical concerns can be laid to bed. BioWare's founder, Greg Zeschuck, has told PSM3 magazine that the studio are working to take advantage of the PS3's architecture.

"The important thing is that, fundamentally, [PS3] has a very different architecture. Visually, there are probably some changes - I mean, there are differences in the way the memory is allocated, and the graphical processor is all different.

"We're not going to get pulled into the argument over which is the more powerful; at the end of the day, they both are, and we can do whatever we want on them. When you create games, you want as many people as possible to play them, so this is a great opportunity to reach a huge segment of the market."

We're sure we'll start to hear some dirt on Mass Effect2's port in the coming months. After-all, the title's merely months away now. We can't wait to see what all the fuss is about.