Denny Believes That Few Other Publishers Are As Innovative With New IP As Sony.

Michael Denny, Sony's Worldwide Studios boss for Europe, told OPM  that he believes there's "nothing more gratifying" than delivering new IP. While Denny teased "many more exciting announcements" from Sony, he hailed Heavy Rain as the icing on Sony's cake this year — a game he believes has single-handedly given birth to a new genre.

"In a year like the one just gone, you look at a game like Heavy Rain. A lot of people questioned whether that was risky and whether it [could] stand up. But I think that's what really brings the pleasure of working for Sony first party - we're willing to take some risks and look at innovation.

"I think that what that game's delivered is fantastic - it's not only new IP, but I think it's created a new genre. [It's had] not only great critical acclaim, but great commercial success as well."

<span>Certainly from a fan's perspective it's refreshing to see the direction Sony takes with its first-party developments. While many might look to the sequelization [is that a word - Ed] of Uncharted and Resistance, it's worth noting that both franchises are fresh IP on the PlayStation 3. And that tends to be how Sony structure their generations. Flood it with new IP, and see what sticks.