Aside from going into space, you couldn't get further from the depths of the ocean. So is this the end of Rapture then?

This was the question CVG put to Bioshock's creator, Ken Levine, during GamesCom last week. His response was decidedly indecisive (ooooh):

“It was a very challenging and very difficult thing for me not to do more Rapture,” Levine says. “Leaving Rapture was very, very personally difficult for me. It was very difficult, it was my whole life. I don’t have kids, it’s like my child. I feel that connection to Andrew Ryan, Sander Cohen – a sick group of people to feel a connection to but I do!”

With two games already set in Rapture, Levine and his team decided it was time to move on: “I just felt that we had said all we needed to say about it… at the time. I mean, never say never. But right now that’s how we feel about it.”

We're going to say you'll never be returning to Rapture again. And that's probably a good thing. That world so exciting, and for us it carried both Bioshock games. But we feel that the story has been told. There are other places to go, other dystopia's to create — Bioshock: Infinite looks to be heading in the right direction.