Think Really Horrible, Twisted Things Suda. Cheers!

Even the biggest new horror franchise, Dead Space, is markedly soft compared to some of the PS2's top horror titles. We're hoping that the EA published Suda51 and Shinji Mikami collaboration fixes that.

News of a big Tokyo showing from EA broke over the weekend, leading us to speculate about the possibility of a reveal for the project. An interview with EA Partners' David DeMartini has added credence to our speculation this morning.

“We’ve allowed [Suda] the opportunity to fully explore his creativity,” DeMartini told Eurogamer. That's always a good thing in our book.

“The key thing is not for us to tone down Suda or try and westernise Suda, but to try and make sure the game gets broad enough exposure that more people appreciate it.”

So it sounds like EA are handling the project in the right way. But what of a TGS reveal, would that make sense? DeMartini simply responded: "Yes."

It echoes comments Suda himself made during GamesCom. Asked about the project, Suda declared: “Don’t worry. It’ll come soon.”

We want it now, and we want it to be so horrible we'll never actually play it. The PlayStation 3 really lacks those type of games at the moment.