It's very reasonable too. While you may already have pre-orders in for the device based on retailer estimates, this is the final word from Sony. As such your pre-order might drop in price at some point in the near future, which is always nice isn't it?

Here's the breakdown: a PlayStation Move motion controller will cost £34.99, while the sub-controller will set you back £24.99. The PlayStation Eye will also cost £24.99 if you choose to buy it separately. Alternatively, you can buy the PlayStation Move Starter Kit (which includes a Move motion controller, the Eye and a Starter Disc) for £49.99. There's a bit of a price war starting over this, but right now has the best deals on this stuff.

In addition to detailing the pricing, Sony's also confirmed the contents of the Starter Kit's demo disc. We've embedded them after the jump.

We've already ordered ours. Who else is in, then?

The Starter Kit will contain the following demos:

  • Sports Champions
  • Start the Party!
  • The Shoot
  • EyePet: Move Edition
  • TV Superstars
  • Tiger Woods PGA TOUR ® 11
  • echochrome ii (PSN)
  • Tumble (PSN)
  • Beat Sketchers (PSN)

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