We're sold at that point. Hey, guess what? Criterion are making an arcade racing game.

Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit takes the franchise all the way back to its roots. Do you remember the original game on the 3DO? ("Wanna go home and cry to your Mummy?"). Yeah, Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit is inspired by that. Presumably without the cheesy FMV — though we wouldn't mind if that was in-tact. The game's all about cops against racers. Outside of the actual gameplay though, Hot Pursuit aims to play on the social features of Burnout: Paradise. The new social interaction features, "Autolog", will feed you information on the community and your friends' play-style in a web 2.0/Twitter style game-feed. Exciting stuff. Naturally there'll be plenty of multiplayer options too.

Ultimately, Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit hinges on just how fun the car chases are. It's a difficult thing to nail, but with Criterion at the helm, we have every confidence in the game.