The Ready At Dawn developed PSP hack-and-slash title was a technical masterpiece. Taking the formula from the home console versions of God Of War, Chains Of Olympus down-sized the action without losing anything in translation. It was a stunning achievement.

Ready At Dawn are ready to do that all over again with God Of War: Ghost Of Sparta. The game, which continues to flesh out the story of protagonist "Kratos", aims to once again push the PSP to its very limits. The game's set during Kratos' term as the God Of War — sometime in between the original God Of War game and its sequel. Ready At Dawn have confirmed there will be almost double the number of bosses in Ghost Of Sparta compared to Chains Of Olympus. Appearances from King Midas and the sea monster Scylla have already been confirmed.

We doubt it will take the God Of War formula to new places, but who could ever complain about more of the famous franchise? We're interested to see where Ready At Dawn take the narrative, and that alone has us super excited about this release.