Sony's Back In The Black & Actually Making Money. Finally.

The company's first quarter earnings (ending June 30th) were fuelled by improved sales of computers, televisions and, yes, the PlayStation 3. Overall revenue increased by 3.8%, giving the company a ¥25.7 billion ($295 million US) net profit.

Gloabal PlayStation 3 sales reached 2.4 million for the quarter, with the PlayStation Portable and PlayStation 2 at 1.2 and 1.6 million respectively. Worldwide PlayStation 3 sales now stand at 38.1 million, just a few units shy of the XBOX 360 at 41.7 million. Sony's certain to overtake Microsoft within the next 18 months unless anything goes catastrophically wrong.

PlayStation 3 software was also up, rocketing by 68% in the quarter. It was up exactly ten million year over year, pushing number of 24.8 million this quarter (compared to 14.8 million previously).

So it's finally not all doom and gloom for Sony. Quite the turnaround really. They've been telling investors this would happen for a while, but many people were spelling doom for the company. Not so apparently. Now they just need 3D to take off, right?