"Ho-Ho, It's Time To Make Some Kerrr-ay-zee Mon-ayy!"

" the Offspring scream as a yellow-cab with a green-headed driver launches himself over a hill of a fictional US city. Name the intro? Crazy Taxi, innit. If you didn't know, you'll soon be able to school yourself, as SEGA's just announced that Crazy Taxi and Sonic Adventure are heading to the PlayStation Network this Fall.

Sonic Adventure will be the first game to hit, on the anniversary of the Dreamcast's European launch. More games will follow however. They'll be essentially the same games (no up-resing here), though trophies and, more importantly for Crazy Taxi, leaderboards will be added into the titles.

Now we just need to know if The Offspring and Pizza Hut are in there. If so - life consumed.

Chu Chu Rocket's next, yeah?