Hydrophobia Is Still Coming To The PlayStation 3. Just Not Yet.

We were understandably gutted but we should have known better. Like most XBOX 360 exclusives, the game's not really an exclusive to the true definition of the word. It's timed, and it's absolutely coming to PlayStation 3.

Joystiq confirmed as much via a chat with the studio's Pete Jones. "We're launching exclusively on 360 — but there will be a PS3 and a PC version in the fullness of time," he said.

However, on the subject of "when" he added: "For contractual reasons, I can't exactly say what that time period is," Jones added, also noting that, "Ultimately, there will be disc versions as well. Maybe as a compilation." Microsoft usually lock titles up for a year, so we don't imagine it'll be until 2011 that we're playing this on PS3.

Still, later is better than never, and it's great to get some hope of a PS3 release for the ambitious, erm, water 'em up?