YAYAYAYAYA! Day After Day, Your Home Life's A Wreck...

So keep that in mind while we tell you the damage.

First up - Crazy Taxi. As expected, the PSN re-release of this title will be without its licensed gubbins. That means no Offspring, no Bad Religion, no "Ya, Ya, Ya, Ya, Ya!" There's every possibility SEGA will allow custom soundtracks for the game, so if you have the tracks hidden in your CD collection somewhere, you might want to dig them out in preperation. Less easy to solve is the omission of Pizza Hut, Tower Records and KFC. These, like the PSP title, will be replaced by generic "Pizza Place" logos and names. Disappointing but expected.

Crazy Taxi, however, will be playable in wide-screen. Something that Sonic Adventure won't manage. Apparently the game's locked in 4:3, with a big blue background filling out the empty space for widescreen users.

Whatever. They're still amazing games. Jet Set Radio next?