The Move Might Look Like A Brightly Coloured Ice Cream, But It's Super Responsive.

The Playstation Move will launch in the Fall of this year, alongside a host of software titles.

Move works alongside the Playstation Eye to offer precise, lag-free motion control gaming steps ahead of Nintendo and Microsoft's offering. The key is in the precise depth and motion tracking, which has little-to-no footprint on the PS3 hardware at all, making it compatible with the most technologically advanced PS3 offerings.

Sony showed a wide range of software for the device last night, including an augmented reality title called Move Party.

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The Playstation Move will include support for a "sub-controller" (or nunchuck), which will be used in "core" genres such as shooters. Sony announced last night that SOCOM 4 would support the Playstation Move.

Playstation Move's Sub-Controller.

Sony stated that there will be a variety of ways to purchase the Playstation Move. Not only will there be hardware bundles, and stand-alone wands — there will also be a Starter Kit which will include a game, controller and Playstation Eye for under $100.