Kaz Killing It In A Blue & Yellow Car, Yo!


Just this month, Yamauchi completed a 25-hour race as part of the "Spoon Sports" team.
"Not having a lot of experience in circuit driving, and not knowing what to expect in a 25-hour race, I was very relieved to find that I was able to reduce the 20-second gap between my laptimes and my teammates' at the beginning of the practice to almost zero at the start of the final race", he said. "It was a great feeling to confirm first hand that "Gran Turismo" has a positive effect in not just learning specific tracks, but also in raising the level of driving technique in the drivers themselves."</blockquote>

And this, friends, is why Gran Turismo is widely considered one of the best racing simulators available. Because the dude what makes it, actually, y'know, drives cars. Fast. On tracks.