Dare we say, our own piece may have been what sparked Santa Monica into building the God Of War Collection, with more than a 150 comments [we've cleaned up the backend since - Ed] calling for a God Of War re-release on Playstation 3.

According to GameHunters, it took just 15 weeks for Bluepoint to successfully convert God Of War I & II onto the Playstation 3.  That's around July/August - sometime after E3 and proving that this whole PS2 ports business is totally feasible for other products.

Of course they're going to have to be loved franchises to stand out amongst newer Playstation 3 releases. But if you keep making noise about Ico/Shadow Of The Colossus — we're confident Sony are listening.

And with a 15 week turnaround, it doesn't sound like they have much to lose either.