Not exactly the most scientific of reasoning right, but it's useful in trying to depict just why everyone is acting like the PSPgo raped their entire family. It seems like the entire games industry have a bee in their bonnet regarding the system, and as far as I'm concerned, it's unwarranted. If you don't like it, you don't buy it, right? As far as I'm aware Sony reps haven't been holding people at gun-point, instructing them to buy the new system. And yet, everyone seems so angry.

I travel a lot. I've just upgraded to the PSPgo from the PSP 1000 and, man, what a difference! The thing fits in my pocket. Unbelievable, but true. It's no longer making my trouser lop-sided due to weight. It's no longer sticking out the top of my pocket. It's snug and light-weight. Plus, my bag isn't full with UMDs I'm nervous about getting scratched. Hell no, I have the equivalent of 8 UMDs, 6 CDs and four of the new PSP Minis in my pocket as I type. I can categorically confirm that said content would not place in my pocket in the old days; even if I used an 8GB pro-duo and my iPod. No chance. Impossible.

So in that sense, PSPgo was worth every penny for me. It's still an expensive device, but when you look at what it does, it's positioned perfectly against the iPod Touch. It plays movies, games (better games than iPod Touch games I might venture) and music. And it fits in the pocket. Just like the iPod Touch. So why is everyone so angry?

And by angry, I mean physically irritated. I just don't understand what I'm reading. Venture into any PSPgo related forum post and you'll see a whole line of people really doing their best complaining about the PSPgo. Why? Because they'll have to rebuy your UMDs? The PSPgo is not the device for them. Why so serious? Because they want a pocketable system but still want UMDs? Time for compromise. Why so serious? Because they want a PSPgo but can't afford it? Save up or sit tight for price changes. Why so serious?

I just can't understand it. I've never seen a reception to a system where so many people seem so outraged at it. Is it because the digital future they've been touting for so many years is finally upon them and they realise they don't want it? Is that it?

I started this post suggesting the PSPgo is not for everyone. And I stand by that. It's not. If you travel a lot, are new to PSP, hate UMDs or generally want a pocketable media system, the PSPgo goes beyond the port of call. It suits all those purposes perfectly.

However, if you don't want/need any of those things, stick to the PSP 3000. That's absolutely fine. No need to shout and moan every five seconds.

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