That's Just An XBOX 360 Game Trying To Connect To The Playstation Store.

We love it when things go wrong. Like this instance, when a blogger from FreakBits noted his XBOX 360 copy of Need For Speed Shift had crashed trying to access the, erm, Playstation Store. Really. He writes:
"When navigating menus today while connected to Xbox Live the game suddenly crashed again. When my rage had subsided and I got a better look at the screen, I was pretty shocked at what I saw.

"Was my Xbox 360 version of Need for Speed Shift really trying to access the Playstation Store? Microsoft are not going to be happy about this."</blockquote>

The blogger describes it as the most "embarrassing fail of all [time]" and we happen to agree. To think, XBOX Live owners are paying to access the Playstation Store when we get it for free. Ooooh, sick burn.