Fumito Udea Is Quite Keen On The Idea Of Re-Releasing Ico & Shadow Of The Colossus On PS3.

And 1Up seem to have some dirt to suggest that the project could possibly go ahead. Team Ico's Fumito Ueda said when prompted on the subject:
"Initially, I didn't want to consider that," he pointed out. "I always thought they were designed for PS2 and should stay there. But lately, I've been thinking it would be nice to provide the games to other platforms to reach more users."</blockquote>

No way a confirmation, but should Sony decide repackaging the games is a good idea, it seems like Ueda would be onboard to let them go ahead. Which is a huge step forward actually, as many suspected Ueda would not agree with the project. As cheap as it sounds, we actually kinda hope we start to see more PS2 game compilations released.