Ueda Is Keen To Work On Both The Upcoming Shadow Of The Colossus Movie & A PS3 Repackaging.

In that piece there were two mega-tons, of kind, for fans. Firstly, Ueda dropped hints that he would have involvement in the recently announced Shadow Of The Colossus movie. The game, which was a technical masterpiece for the Playstation 2, followed the exploits of a small boy hunting giant lumbering beasts across a vast wasteland. Of the movie, Ueda commented, "It won't be that I'm completely not involved." We'll consider that a confirmation of his input.

The other big news to come from the interview was regarding a possible Playstation 3 repackaging of Ico and Shadow Of The Colossus. Fans have been pretty vocal about their desire for the product since the announcement of the God Of War Collection.
"I do have an interest in that," Ueda said during our Kotaku's chat. "Next week, I'll have a meeting [about the possibility] ... But it might not be so easy, because, with both titles we really stretched the limits of the PS2. It's complex. So it's not such an easy transfer to the PS3. But I want to discuss it."</blockquote>

Cautious optimism then, with Fumito certainly on board for the project to go ahead. If God Of War Collection sells well (which it will) we'd eat our hats if an Ico/SotC package wasn't released at some point before The Last Guardian. And we can't wait.