Pink Floyd: Good Album Covers, Rubbish Music.

We'll even go as far as saying that the cover for Dark Side Of The Moon is pretty iconic. What you'll never hear us say is that we like Pink Floyd. Because we don't. We've heard your stories about listening to the record on an old record machine while stoned up to the eye-balls and, quite frankly, we don't want to hear them again. Boring pretentious music will always be boring and pretentious. Fact.

Hence why we're campaigning against Pink Floyd's "we'd consider it" response when questioned by the BBC regarding music games. We could even dive further into the interview and be all snide about how it seems the band would only consider it based on monetary reasons - but hey, we're sure we've already pissed off enough people.

We'll quit while we're ahead.

Inserts fingers in ears and screams "lala" before typical responses come flooding in.