We are massive Tim Burton fans. It's also been our wet dream for the past few years that he bring his dark imagination to our favourite novel in the whole wide world, Alice's Adventures In Wonderland (yeah, we're calling it by its proper title for elitist sake).

Tim Burton, though, is not a big gamer. "I'm not a real hardcore gamer. I've very interested in them, obviously," he said. He is impressed with the game that's to be released alongside the movie though.
"The thing with this is that they (Disney Interactive Studios) have had to do a lot because the movie is still being made," says Burton. "But they've done a really good of trying to deal with, you know, the material we have and still accomplish the game. We've been in meetings with them, but I think they're doing a really good job with limited, you know, material from us."</blockquote>

Now unfortunately we're late. It's not very important date, mind.