Sidhe Are Looking At Bringing Shatter To Alternative Platforms.

? We gave it 4/4. Get on it. So if you're still not sure, we reckon you should probably hold out for the demo that Sidhe are preparing for you. Alas, if you're fanboy enough to prefer your games while they're exclusive (why?), be told that Sidhe will probably put this game out on alternative platforms.
"Shatter is not exclusive to PSN," managing director Mario Wynands stated. "But Sony is offering the combination of good royalties, strong technology, and a well defined process for getting content to market."</blockquote>

The team already have working builds of a PC and XBOX 360 version thanks to Sony's cross platform Phyre Engine. Wynands says it's "likely" the games will make it elsewhere. Shatter is an awesome game, and if putting the game on other platforms means Sidhe can come back to PSN with something new, we're all for it.