It's no secret that we have an office PSP Go preordered. We ordered shortly after it was announced. We can't wait. Alas, that doesn't mean we aren't up to justifying our purchase that bit more, and while this video from IGN doesn't tell us anything new, we're simply awe-struck by how good the system looks.

Initially, we weren't all too impressed with the design. But now, man, it looks gorgeous. From the glittery finish, to the improved layout of some of the buttons (volume, etc), to the size of the thing. We're always comfortable that Sony are going to make a quality product, we don't know why we ever doubted it.

Interestingly to me are the comments from John Koller where he describes the new Media Go software as a computer based "locker" for content. We weren't entirely aware that games could be stored on the PC and then switched back and forth between the system on-demand. While we wished Sony had gone for a little more on-board space out of the box, the ability to back up content on the PC and (presumably) drag and drop it reassures our main issue with the system.