We're Not Saying Twisted Metal Is Definitely Happening But, Erm, Y'Know.

After touting a few teasers, information has dried up a fair amount, namely because Jaffe is seriously busy with actually making the game. Thankfully, it seems like that game is around the corner.

As part of a series of Tweets from the legendary God Of War/Twisted Metal man, Jaffe reflects that the best thing about this year's Comic-Con is knowing he'll be on the show floor next year with his game on display. He writes:
Con Mem #7: Realizing how excited I am to hit the con next year, THIS time with our game on display!!!!</blockquote>

With a Comic-Con 2010 appearance on the cards for Jaffe and his team, it seems likely that Sony would push whatever his new game is as part of a Fall 2010 release.

We can't wait for the day that first trailer inevitably drops. Wouldn't it be drama if they could hold off an announcement until the next E3.