We have fond, fond memories of the Serious Sam game and always believed it would get a remake. Hearing it was indeed making a return raised our hopes exponentially, until we noted the glaring absence of a Playstation 3 version being in the works.

Thankfully developers Croteam rock. CEO Roman Ribaric has stated that he wanted to do a PSN version too but couldn't due to time constraints. "[We] couldn't get additional financing to support [the] extra development time needed," said Ribaric. "It was either to do PSN by the same date or forget about it."

Thankfully Croteam aren't ruling out a PSN version just yet. He wants to hear from people like us, the fans, to judge how worthwhile a port would be. If us Playstation 3 owners can rattle up enough support then there's every opportunity the game might end up on the PSN after all. So what do you say guys? How about leaving some comments on this site, sending Croteam an [[email protected]/]email[/email] or creating an online petition (send us the link to any online petitions, we'll make sure to promote them).

Let's make sure Croteam know we want this game, eh?