Trine Looks Absolutely Gorgeous.

However, people have questioned the game's price, at $40 for the full PC release. We haven't been sure how a $40 PSN download would be received. Thankfully clarification from Joystiq suggests that the PSN version of Trine will retail at just $20, exactly half-price.

Cheap as it sounds when compared to its PC counterpart though, Trine on the PSN is still rather expensive for a download game. But developers Frozenbyte say the price is totally justified:
"Trine is far from a game created by a solo hero developer (we have over 20 employees and Trine has contributions from a double amount of people) ... we are very confident that we can deliver a full retail experience with Trine."</blockquote>

Given the glowing reviews, we're looking forward to giving Trine a run for its money.