Kojima Wants To Make A Rom-Com.

That announcement is: to be announced at E3. That's right, Hideo Kojima has announced an announcement. There are few egos that could pull off such a stunt but, well, Hideo just about gets away with it.

He also talked a little about himself, claiming he's not the big "action man" people think he is:
Well, to give you maybe a surprise, people might think I love action games and I love shoot 'em ups and I kill people all the time, but that's not it. I really like other [genre like] romance... I do, of course, like the comedy... Of course, there is no comedy genre right now, and I'm always wondering how I should re-present this — which I don't have a specific idea yet, but I'm always thinking about that as a new genre.</blockquote>

Confirmed: Hideo Kojima's next game to be a Rom-Com featuring the voice and likeness of Hugh Grant.