God of War Ragnarok: How to Beat Draugr Fiends 1

Draugr Fiends are essentially stronger versions of Draugr Butchers. The only key difference is that Fiends can envelop themselves in flame after performing a combo, and striking them makes them explode, blowing Kratos backwards. When one's ignited, try not to show some restraint, and hit them with a ranged attack to get rid of their fiery aura.

Draugr Fiends are aggressive undead that wield dual axes. They have a long combo that can be surprisingly difficult to judge and parry.

Fiends can be a pain if they're grouped up with other enemies. Their attacks tend to be relentless, and they'll skate away from danger if your combo doesn't kill them.

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Fortunately, most of their strikes can be blocked, or, if you're feeling confident, parried. A good old fashioned stun might be the best way to deal with a Fiend if you're having trouble, so don't be afraid to get your bare hands out.

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