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  • News Destiny's Beta Touches Down on PS4 and PS3 in July

    Lift off

    Grab your space gear, because Destiny's long awaited beta will be hitting Sony platforms in just a couple of months. Expected to launch in July, PlayStation players will gain access before anyone else. The time frame was confirmed during publisher Activision's first quarter conference call, and while we're still left guessing as to what...

  • News How Much Money Is Being Spent on PS4 Shooter Destiny?

    So much it's scary

    Bungie better pray to the gaming gods that first-person shooter Destiny generates a more favourable reaction than its recent seven minute gameplay trailer, because publisher Activision is investing – wait for this – $500 million into ensuring that the property is a success. That’s more money than company gaffer Bobby Kotick...




  • News Tantalising New Destiny Screenshots Drop from the Sky


    Just when we felt that Destiny's allure was slowly starting to fade due to a lack of new information, Bungie has swooped in to save the day with some wonderful new screenshots. It's safe to say that we're absolutely loving the character designs – and the firearms don't look too bad either. Still, we're positively gasping for a new...


  • News Your Destiny Will Be Fulfilled on 9th September

    See you starside

    And that's our bedtime pushed back an extra hour. In an effort to beat the rapidly approaching VGX Awards fanfare, Bungie has nonchalantly announced that its upcoming first-person shooter Destiny will deploy on 9th September. The game's due out on both the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3, and will secure exclusive content on Sony's...



  • News Fly to the Moon in This Athletic Destiny Trailer

    Become legend

    As promised, Halo creator Bungie has deployed a brand new trailer for Destiny. The clip – which confirms that pre-orders will unlock beta access early next year – sets the overall tone of the interstellar plot, and shows se

  • News You'll Be Able to Fulfil Your Destiny with a Pre-Order

    Bungie unlocks beta access

    While you impatiently chomp at your nails waiting for Bungie to deploy Destiny’s next gameplay trailer, has accidentally announced a sliver of information regarding the first-person shooter’s online beta, which is set to begin in early 2014. According to the retailer, pre-ordering the title on either the...



  • News Destiny Gameplay Demo Dropped into the Wild

    Halo developer plots debut on PS4

    Bungie’s upcoming online first-person shooter Destiny was easily one of the biggest title’s at E3 2013, making this high-definition footage of the game totally worth your attention. It’s the same sequence that was originally shown during Sony’s press conference – complete with irritating developer...




  • News Bungie Deploys Destiny Details, Plots PlayStation 3 Debut

    The next big thing

    Few other developers could make a splash on the scale that Bungie has today. After years of speculation, the Bellevue-based studio has finally raised the curtain on Destiny, a persistent online first-person shooter that promises to change the landscape of the genre forever. And it’s firing onto PlayStation 3. Coming from the...

  • News Leaks Bring Bungie's Date with Destiny Forward

    Can't stop the flow

    Bungie is expected to announce Destiny on 17th February, but it may have been beaten to the punch. Joystiq has got its hands on a couple of promotional posters, which show the game’s logo and lead characters. Apparently, the hoardings will be available from GameStop stores on Monday, presumably as rewards for pre-orders.


  • News Bungie Sets a Date with Destiny at GDC 2013

    Out of this world

    Bungie, the developer best known for creating the Halo franchise, will disclose the very first official information about its brand new intellectual property at the Game Developers Conference in March. According to the convention’s schedule, the studio will host an hour-long presentation dubbed ‘Brave New World: New Bungie...


  • News Destiny Makes History as Bungie Targets PlayStation 3

    Halo, goodbye

    Details regarding the next game from Halo creators Bungie have leaked online, confirming that the legendary studio is about to make its debut on PlayStation 3. According to the super secret information shared with IGN, the upcoming Destiny is a “sci-fantasy action shooter” that’s designed to be both “fun and accessible”. The...