PlayStation has long been known for its tendency to release engrossing and captivating exclusives. And within those exclusives we have witnessed endearing characters and enchanting new worlds, both of which are often rich in details. However, a lot of those details lay dormant in the background, quietly filling in the gaps to the best worlds, characters, and stories. So we thought it was time to unearth them, with our brand new video series, Push Square Deep Dive.

The aim of the series is to delve deep — it’s sort of in the title — into all the nitty gritty details of your favourite PlayStation series. Want to know all there is to know about Norse mythology within God of War? Maybe the real life influences brought to Ghost of Tsushima? Whatever the series, we aim to deliver high quality explorations of these PlayStation titles, covering scene breakdowns, character analysis, and explainers of world lore.

For the first episode, which you can check out on the Push Square YouTube channel now, we uncover the first 20 years of the post-apocalypse of The Last of Us, explaining how the outbreak came to be, how society fell, and what everyone’s favourite video game dad, Joel, was up to between the game’s prologue and opening chapter.

As a new series, we are keen to know what you would love to see. Have a particularly tasty bit of lore you’d love explored? Maybe one of your favourite PlayStation scenes brought under a microscopic lens? Whatever it is, let us know down below.