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  • Guide God of War - How to Earn XP

    Experience points

    Like so many other games, you’ll earn XP (or experience points) as you progress through God of War. This currency can be used to upgrade items, as well as unlock skill points in Kratos’ skill tree. Here’s how to unlock XP in God of War. How to Earn XP in God of War: Succeed in Battle The easiest and most obvious way to earn...

  • Guide How to Level Up Quickly in Horizon: Zero Dawn

    Earning XP and Skill Points fast

    Like any role-playing game, you're going to want to raise your level as quickly as possible in Horizon: Zero Dawn. Each time you level up, you'll get a new skill point which can be spent in the game's skill tree, as well as a bunch of XP which will contribute towards your level. Levelling will also increase the size...