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  • News The Division 2 Open Beta Trailer Attempts to Get the Hype Flowing Ahead of Its Launch Later This Week

    Welcome back, agent

    Running from the 1st March to the 4th March, The Division 2's open beta should be a good indication of how the finished game's going to turn out when it launches on the 15th March. The closed beta was rather robust and, in our opinion, pretty enjoyable, so it should be worth a download if you're interested. Anyway, Ubisoft's...

  • E3 2017 Knack 2 Strikes Back This September on PS4

    Knack in the saddle

    Knack's back, baby! The quirky PlayStation 4 hero returns in Knack 2, and the sequel now has a release date. Announced during Sony's E3 2017 press conference pre-show, Knack 2 launches on the 5th September. Yep, it's not too far away. You can check out the title's latest trailer above, too.  Is Knack 2 on your radar, then?...

  • News Code Vein Does Indeed Look Like Anime Dark Souls in First Gameplay

    Targeting a 2018 release

    Bandai Namco has a new action role-playing game in the works, currently dubbed Code Vein. The project was teased a little while ago courtesy of the tagline "prepare to dine", leading many to ponder whether it's got anything to do with the Dark Souls series. Turns out it doesn't, but gameplay-wise, it certainly looks...

  • E3 2016 Suit Up With The Reveal Trailer for Batman: Arkham VR

    Rocksteady as she goes

    One of the announcements in the mercifully brief PlayStation VR section of Sony's E3 press conference today was for Batman: Arkham VR. Let's be clear, this isn't just any Batman VR game, it's one developed by the best Batman devs in town: Rocksteady Studios. The title's reveal trailer teaches us very l

  • News Valkyria Chronicles Is Looking Anything But Sketchy on PS4

    Drawing lines

    Legendary SEGA strategy game Valkyria Chronicles is making a move to the PlayStation 4 in Japan next year, and the publisher has released the remastered version's first trailer to celebrate. In truth, the PlayStation 3 classic doesn't look like it's aged one bit – hopefully a Western date is deployed soon.

  • E3 2015 Yep, PS4 Space Sim No Man's Sky Still Looks Stunning 

    Now how about a release date

    In what is becoming a yearly tradition, we saw some breathtaking new footage of No Man's Sky at Sony's E3 press conference today. We're not complaining, of course, as the game still looks amazing. We'd just really appreciate a release date at this point. While we didn't really get to see anything terribly new, this is...

  • News PS4 Exclusive Bloodborne Looks Gory and Gorgeous in This New Gameplay Trailer

    Releasing 5th February in Japan

    Our anticipation for Bloodborne has been growing steadily with each passing second, but it saw a massive spike when Sony revealed a brand new gameplay trailer for the title during its pre-TGS conference this morning. The painfully short clip shows off a handful of grandiose cu

  • News Ninja Theory's Devil May Cry Is Definitely Getting a Demo

    Try before you buy

    If you’re still on the fence over Dante’s new look in upcoming PlayStation 3 hack-and-slash reboot DmC: Devil May Cry, then you might be pleased to learn that the title’s getting a demo prior to its 15th January release date. Developer Ninja Theory confirmed the news at a New York Comic-Con panel over the weekend. The...

  • News Fan-Made WipEout Album Pays Tribute to Psygnosis

    Download for free now

    It surprised many when Sony shut down Studio Liverpool, formerly Psygnosis and developer of one of the most iconic game series on Sony's systems, WipEout. The most recent entry, WipEout 2048, is one of the best titles on Vita, but the fate of the franchise is unclear now that its driving force has been disbanded. For many,...

  • News Aliens: Colonial Marines Goes Slow-Mo In Dramatic New Cinematic

    Every game gets a slow-motion trailer these days, so Gearbox's latest Aliens: Colonial Marines cinematic is not exactly going to blow your mind

    But, hey, it's tastefully done — with uncomfortable music and gratuitous scenes making it all suitably "Aliens". We doubt fans of the series..

  • News New Gravity Rush Video Lifts Off

    Be sure to take your Dramamine

    Gravity Rush, or Gravity Daze as it’s known in Japan, is quickly leaping our way with Vita’s release now less than two months away. Along with the Japanese release of the game, Sony dropped a new promotional video for the game to help encourage Japanese gamers to spend their hard-earned Yen, and you can now see the...

  • News BioShock Infinite TGS 2011 Teaser Trailer

    In Japanese too!

    As fans of the original BioShock, it’s not hard for us to get excited about any new titbit we can rummage up about the upcoming BioShock Infinite. With each new trailer that Irrational Games releases, it seems that the game just continues to look better and better, and this can be said once again from this new trailer from TGS...

  • News New Ninja Gaiden III Trailer Deals Consequences

    Pierce deeper within the man behind the mask

    Team Ninja is definitely taking a new route with Ninja Gaiden III, and not only by implementing PlayStation Move controls. It seems that the new entry will take a deeper look into the series lead ninja, Ryu Hayabusa, starting with its chilling new trailer. Back when Tecmo Koei first announced the game,...

  • News 15 Glorious Minutes of BioShock Infinite Await

    What are you waiting for?

    There's no bigger third-party Move game than BioShock Infinite, and here's 15 minutes of video from Irrational Games' heavenly-looking shooter. We've not seen much of the game's PlayStation Move controls yet, but if they can live up to the quality currently demonstrated by the rest of the game it'll be happy days indeed...

  • News Sony's New Uncharted: Golden Abyss Trailer is Short

    But sweet

    The Uncharted series has cemented itself as one of the most successful new franchises for Sony, known for its epic storyline, quality voice acting and lovable characters. But forget all that. You play them for the action, right? Well Sony certainly hopes so, because in their latest trailer for Uncharted: Golden Abyss, there isn't a speck...

  • News New Everybody's Golf Trailer Tees Up

    Take a swing

    Golf games have changed a lot over the years. With the now widespread implementation of motion controls on each of the three major gaming consoles, the sport has gone through a bit of a gaming evolution, picking up new controls schemes that let players set up shots, view the course and swing their club in new ways. Everybody's Golf on...

  • News Hustle Kings Racks Up a New Trailer

    Break 'em

    The PlayStation 3 already has a Hustle Kings game all its own, and the follow up Vita title in the series seems to be pretty much the same game, but with new touch and motion controls added on. Hustle Kings for PS Vita not only adds new controls, it also integrates with the PS3 version of the game, allowing Vita owners to go head to head...

  • News Little Deviants Trailer Rolls Into View

    They better not say "Bwahhh!"

    Is it just us, or do the small, zany characters that make up Little Deviants look to be a bit, shall we say "inspired" by Ubisoft's Raving Rabbids? Like the Rabbids, these petite rapscallions communicate only with grunts and groans, and are always up to mischief. "Little Deviants are causing chaos...

  • News Reality Fighters Lets You Punch Your Own Face

    And a friend's

    Sure, the cameras powering the PS Vita offer all new ways to play with augmented reality, but did you know they also make it easier for you to punch your friends on the face? Reality Fighters, an AR fighting game that lets you pit brawlers against each other in real-life environments, also features the ability to snap photos of you...

  • News Super Stardust Delta Trailer Triggers a Shockwave

    A motion-controlled shockwave, that is.

    The PS Vita has all sorts of newfangled features and capabilities not found on traditional home consoles, allowing developers to inject fresh gameplay ideas into already established franchises. Super Stardust Delta does just that, bringing all the hectic, over-the-top twin-stick action of the series to the...

  • News Crash Into This New WipEout 2048 Trailer

    Near functionality and augmented reality

    The WipEout series has gone portable before, with the WipEout Pure and WipEout Pulse making a home on Sony's last handehled the PSP. The games made great use of the hardware, and where stellar examples of how to translate the fast-paced world of WipEout to a smaller screen. WipEout 2048 on PS Vita takes that...

  • News Rack Your Grey Matter With Smart As

    Are you smart as …

    The brain training game Brain Age on DS was a huge hit for Nintendo, and who would have thought it? If we did learn anything from Brain Age, it was that these types of games can actually be a lot of fun when competing against friends. Smart As takes what Brain Age started and brings creative ways to train ones brain by utilizing...

  • News Top Darts Takes Aim At PS Vita

    A new touch

    Top Darts on PlayStation Move graced the PlayStation Network offering great Move controls awhile back, but today we learned that Top Darts is going to shoot its way onto the PS Vita as well. Utilizing Vita’s unique touchscreens Top Darts will find its own unique way to play the game of darts in over 20 different game types. Top Darts...

  • News LittleBigPlanet Vita Detailed in New Trailer

    Tilt and touch controls in the works

    LittleBigPlanet is one of Sony's strongest new franchises, garnering critical acclaim and healthy sales numbers, as well as housing an unrivaled, thriving online community. It should come as no surprise, then, that the series would be coming to the PlayStation Vita, but with all the new fancy features available...

  • News Oh Hey, Sniper: Ghost Warrior Comes With A Bunch Of Exclusive Content On PS3

    Not only are City Interactive promising that Sniper: Ghost Warrior on the PlayStation 3 will fix many of the issues players had with the PC and XBOX 360 versions, but they are also offering a bunch of exclusive levels, missions and content

    Check out the trailer embedded above to get a glimpse of what's in store. S'out next month.