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  • News PS5 Is 'Hard to Get Excited About', Says Platinum Boss

    "It's okay"

    Unsurprisingly, we’re pretty hyped for the PlayStation 5 here at Push Square Towers – but Platinum Games boss Atsushi Inaba isn’t sharing our enthusiasm. Speaking with VGC at E3 2019, he told the site that it’s “hard to get excited about” Sony’s next-gen console when it sounds like “more of the same”. He added that...




  • News NieR: Automata May Very Well Have Saved Platinum Games

    2B's bubble butt cushions company to safety

    Platinum Games is no stranger to bombas, with practically every title that it’s developed flopping at some point or other. But you may remember that not too long ago, the studio was put in a difficult position: Xbox One exclusive Scalebound was cancelled, and NieR: Automata didn’t look like it was...








  • News Platinum Dubs Bayonetta's Dreadful PS3 Port a Failure

    Never again

    Bayonetta is back in the news thanks to the recently announced Wii U exclusive sequel – but for many PlayStation 3 owners the original still harbours unpleasant memories. Those that played the brawler on Sony’s hardware will recall muddy textures and an inconsistent frame-rate, something the platform holder later decided to patch...


  • Rumour Presentation Hints at Metal Gear Rising for Vita

    Portable chops

    The questionably titled Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance could be slashing its way onto Vita if a corporate presentation slide is to be believed. The Platinum Games developed action title was spotted amongst a list of other upcoming Vita titles on a slide used during the AT&T Developer Summit earlier in the year. The slide shows the...


  • News Take a Look at Bayonetta in Anarchy Reigns

    Anarchic manes

    Platinum Games has released the first images of Bayonetta in online brawler Anarchy Reigns. The crossover was announced earlier in the week, and will see all first-edition copies of the game bundled with a code opening up access to the hairy witch in the title’s 16-player online component. With Madworld

  • News Bayonetta Struts into Anarchy Reigns

    Hair she is

    Platinum Games’ pert protagonist Bayonetta is set to make a cameo in the upcoming arena brawler Anarchy Reigns. The sassy star will be made available for all those that pre-order the game (known as Max Anarchy overseas) ahead of its Japanese release. Publisher SEGA’s yet to share any gameplay details, but more information is expected...




  • News Bayonetta 2 Comments Were A 'Joke'

    Hideki Kamiya was "joking" when he hinted at a Bayonetta 2 announcement yesterday

    The legendary designer told a fan on Twitter that the game would be announced in a Japanese magazine this week, but Platinum colleague Atsushi Inaba was quick to defuse the situation. "There is no such announcement," said Inaba, before warning that Kamiya's Tweets should be taken with a pinch of salt. We're..

  • News Kamiya Teases Bayonetta 2 Reveal

    Ready for more high-octane action and sexy witches dressed in hair? If the Twitter account of legendary game designer Hideki Kamiya is anything to go by, you could be in luck

    Plugged by a fan as to when Bayonetta 2 would be announced, the Platinum Games employee responded, "This week in a game's magazine," according to a translation by Andriasang. With Tokyo Game Show around the corner,..

  • News SEGA Adds Durga To Anarchy Reigns' Character Roster

    Platinum Games has been quietly fleshing out the roster for its multiplayer brawler, Anarchy Reigns

    Latest on the list of playable characters is Durga, a tough guy with a cannon built into his leg. All sounds pretty standard fare for a Platinum Games developed title. With the game due out as soon as January though, we'd love to stop learning about the characters and find out a little more about the..









  • News Vanquish Looks Properly Incredible, Then

    Shinji Mikami's Vanquish looks like a Dreamcast launch title

    Re-read that statement and then watch the trailer. There's something about the physics, art-direction and even overlying concept that feels very SEGA. It looks awesome too. We're not too interested in the story and stupid voice-acting — but the dude can boost into cover. It's like a third-person shooter crossed with Burnout..












  • News Bayonetta's Modeler Likes "Perfect Backsides", It's Just The Way He Rolls

    Here is the bum of the protagonist from upcoming Platinum Games release Bayonetta

    It looks rather perfect doesn't it? That's because it's been lovingly crafted by the game's modeler Kenichiro Yoshimura. In order to get it perfect Yoshimura consulted with pictures of foreign models. "I really wanted to get Bayonetta's backside perfect," Yoshimura admits. "I guess I am into that sort..

  • News Bayonetta Coming Fall 2009

    Ready to suplex dragons in high-heels? Hell, yeah

    Platinum Games have just confirmed that their flagship Devil May Cry-esque brawler Bayonetta will be shipping this Fall. We'll be holding on tightly for an exact release date. Hopefully it won't get lost in the mound of Christmas sequels (Call Of Duty, Need For Speed, etc).

  • News New Bayonetta Trailer Is Totally Nuts

    We've watched the new trailer for Platinum Games' Bayonetta several times now and we still can't seem to glean any information from it

    We think the reason for that is two-fold: a) it's nuts and; b) it's nuts. Honestly, the trailer starts to give you some plot background but it all sounded like nonsense to us. Which is exactly what we'd hoped for in Bayonetta — the piano-pop line running..

  • News Bayonetta Aiming To Be Sadistically Hard

    Director Hideki Kamiya wants it out in the open: Bayonetta is not a fairy tale, it's full of "hardcore battle action"

    Speaking on his blog he stated:"With Bayonetta, we would hate for someone to think it is a heartwarming tale and then buy the game to discover it is really a sadistically hard game (I hope...)."</blockquote> So there you go dear reader, we expect you'll need some..