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  • News UK Sales Charts: FIFA 14 Reclaims League Leadership

    Back of the net

    Unlike the current Manchester United team, FIFA 14 has managed to make a not-so-dramatic comeback to reclaim its position at the top of the UK sales charts. The soccer simulation – alongside first-person shooter Call of Duty: Ghosts – managed to topple last week’s frontrunner Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition, which dropped all...

  • News Sorry, You Won't Be Winning the World Cup on Your PS4

    Wait until 2018

    As expected, EA Sports is working on a World Cup-themed title to tie in with this summer’s event – but it won’t release on the PlayStation 4. The publisher confirmed EA Sports 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil for the PlayStation 3 yesterday, but has stressed in a statement today that the game won’t be kicking off on Sony’s...

  • Feature Mad About Madden - Then and Now

    It's (still) good

    With the United States bracing itself for its annual football frenzy in the form of the elaborately named Super Bowl XLVIII this weekend, we’re avoiding predictable prophecies regarding likely victors, and instead looking a little closer to home. While the game of American Football has always remained something of an underground...

  • News UK Sales Charts: FIFA 14 Continues Cup Run with Convincing Win

    Draws Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition next

    We’re running out of ways to make these UK sales charts posts interesting. Perhaps we should start talking about the weather, rather than the fact that FIFA 14 has enjoyed its ninth week at the summit of the best sellers list. Anything would be more interesting than a top three that hasn’t changed in...

  • News UK Sales Charts: FIFA 14 Ends 2013 at the Top of the League

    Title contender

    This week’s UK sales charts are more predictable than a Manchester City home win, with FIFA 14 finishing the year in first position. Call of Duty: Ghosts, Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, Battlefield 4, and Grand Theft Auto V predictably rounded out the top five

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    Review NBA Live 14

    Slam junk

    It’s been a long time since EA Sports actually followed through and tossed a new NBA Live title onto consoles, with nothing but a line of cancelled releases filling the space since NBA Live 10. However, with a new generation of consoles arrives the ideal opportunity to revive the dormant franchise properly. Sadly, the awful NBA Live 14...

  • News UK Sales Charts: FIFA 14 Dribbles Away with the Christmas Number One

    'Twas the last chart before Xmas

    Good old dependable FIFA 14 has sprinted towards Christmas at the summit of the UK sales charts, meaning that it’ll surely fancy its chances for the Premier League crown this season. The title enjoyed a sudden burst of commercial energy to the tune of 17,000 units, which allowed it to topple last week’s...

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    Review FIFA 14

    Through on goal

    EA Sports' annual football franchise has enjoyed a good run of late, maintaining steady form over the past few years. The PlayStation 3 version of FIFA 14 was another solid step in the right direction, even if it was more about evolution rather than revolution, as we described in our review. Now, the game makes the jump to Sony's new...

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    Review Madden NFL 25

    Doesn't quite drop the ball

    Madden NFL 25 is a celebration of one of gaming's most iconic franchises – and on its silver anniversary, EA Sports delivers a decent experience that will get fans chanting. This is a largely lifelike release with real drama, energy, pain, and sweet victories – and the power of the PlayStation 4 boosts the release by...

  • News EA Sports Clubs Tiger Woods, Teases PS4 PGA Tour Title

    End of an era

    EA Sports may have stuck with Tiger Woods during the darkest period of his career, but the publisher has finally decided to step away from the sporting hero after 15 years. The company’s golf chief Daryl Holt said that the firm had made a “mutual decision” to end its long-running partnership, making this year’s Tiger Woods PGA...

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    Review FIFA 14

    Keeping pace

    Now comfortable and confident with its position right at the very top of the football gaming league, FIFA remains a solid and reliable choice this year. But with Pro Evolution Soccer slowly but surely closing the gap between itself and EA's consistent franchise, does FIFA 14 do enough to secure its lead? The short answer is yes –...

  • News UK Sales Charts: FIFA 14 Boots Grand Theft Auto V from the Top of the League

    Already ousted

    Grand Theft Auto V may be the fastest-selling entertainment product of all time, but it’s already been toppled in the UK sales charts. Unsurprisingly, FIFA 14 latched onto a through ball straight to the summit, and brushed aside Rockstar Games’ critically acclaimed opus with relative ease. Despite this, though, the EA Sports...

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    Review Madden NFL 25


    Ditching its typical naming pattern for something a little more celebratory, Madden NFL 25 marks the silver anniversary for EA Sports' massively popular American Football series. However, even though this is still a great game, it's not quite the commemoration that you may have wished for, offering plenty of tweaks and enhancements, but...

  • GamesCom 2013 FIFA 14 Demo Kicks Off on 10th September

    Top of the league

    You’ll be able to test out FIFA 14’s improved footwork from 10th September in North America and 11th September in Europe, when a demo for the upcoming soccer simulation is set to launch on the PlayStation Network. The full game’s due out a couple of weeks later on the PlayStation 3, and at launch on the PlayStation 4. Those...

  • News You'll Never Walk Alone in FIFA 14, as Liverpool Teams Up with EA

    Red army

    Liverpool FC fans will be happy to know that their beloved team will be getting special treatment in FIFA 14. The Merseyside squad have had their likenesses scanned into EA's upcoming release, so you won't have to worry about one of those weird custom-made faces popping up on the team sheet. The reason for the reported three-year...

  • News EA Sports Shoots and Scores with First FIFA 14 Footage

    Back of the net

    EA Sports has predictably whipped in a timely slice of footage from the upcoming FIFA 14. The game – which is due out on the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 later this year – features a handful of improvements over its predecessor, including ‘Precision Movement’, which means that you can no longer pirouette on the spot like...

  • News FIFA 14 Ignited by New Engine on the PlayStation 4

    The beautiful game

    FIFA 14 will kick off on the PlayStation 4 later this year – and it will be powered by a brand new engine named Ignite. The first footage of this was showcased during Microsoft’s big Xbox One reveal yesterday, but EA Sports has since confirmed that the demo reel applies to Sony’s next generation system as well. We’ve...

  • News FIFA 14 Kicks Off on PS3, Vita Left Sitting on the Sidelines

    Real ball physics amongst the improvements

    EA Sports has called up the next entry in its premium soccer simulation series, revealing that FIFA 14 will launch on the PlayStation 3 later this year. Strangely, both the PlayStation 4 and Vita have been forced to keep the bench warm for the time being, with the publisher stating that “additional...

  • News FIFA 13 Dribbles to 4.5 Million Sales in First Five Days

    Back of the net

    FIFA 13 has proved its dominance in the football genre by selling “over 4.5 million units across all platforms” in just five days. Unsurprisingly, more than one million of those sales took place in the UK within the simulation’s first 48 hours available. Anecdotal aside: there wasn’t a copy of the game to be found in our...

  • News EA Canada Gets to Work on EA Sports UFC

    Fight club

    EA Canada, known for its work on the Fight Night series, will be behind EA Sports' new licensed UFC game. It's provisionally known as EA Sports UFC. A new 'Fighting Team' has also been created at EA because of the UFC licence acquisition. Fight Night Round 3 and Fight Night Champion gameplay design lead Brian Hayes has taken up the role...

  • News FIFA 13 Kicks Off on 28th September

    Ultimate edition

    If you’re still reeling from England’s premature exit from the European championships this weekend, then we imagine the last thing you’ll want to read about is football. Still, EA thought it was appropriate to reveal the UK release date for the upcoming FIFA 13 today, so here we are. Don’t worry, we keep seeing Ashley...

  • News NBA Live 13 Slam Dunks PS3 This Fall

    Back in the game

    Remember NBA Elite? EA Sports sure hopes you don’t. During its E3 press conference this evening, the publisher announced NBA Live 13, which is set to shoot some hoops on PS3 this fall. EA promises the title will capture “the future of basketball”. We wonder what the future of basketball could possibly entail – hoverboards,...

  • News EA Promises "Game-Changing Innovations" for FIFA 13

    Deja vu?

    Now the English Premier League has ended, EA Sports has kicked off the information offensive for FIFA 13, coming to PS3 and PS Vita later this year. The publisher revealed new features it believes will change football games. Again. First up is the new artificial intelligence system, which EA says is its "most sophisticated" AI...

  • News EA Kicks Off Euro 2012 with New Trailer

    All for one

    EA’s booted up the first footage of its licensed UEFA Euro 2012 expansion pack for FIFA 12. The content – set for release on 24th April for £15.99 – will see EA’s club-focused soccer sim transformed into a patriotic party, with all of the international teams from the summer tournament included, in addition to a host of new modes...

  • News Euro 2012 DLC Due to FIFA 12's Continued Popularity

    On the ball

    Video game fans can be a fickle bunch. After years of campaigning for the demise of bi-yearly summer spin-offs, now gamers are starting to question why the upcoming UEFA Euro 2012 tournament isn’t getting its own standalone game. For those that haven’t been keeping track, EA announced earlier this week that its Euro 2012 offering...

  • News Watch Wayne Rooney Play Golf in New Tiger Woods Trailer


    As good as the Tiger Woods titles are every year, it must be a difficult task for EA’s marketing group to make each new release seem fresh and different. This year, for Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13, the publisher's trying an interesting tactic: put footballers in the game. No, we’re not joking. Catch the trailer below for footage of Wayne Rooney...

  • News FIFA 12 Scores Free January Transfer Update

    Scholesy's back

    EA’s updated FIFA 12’s squad and player roster in order to reflect the changes made during this year’s January transfer window. The update – enabled by loading up a Head-to-Head seasons match – includes Gary Cahill’s switch to Chelsea, Louis Saha’s transfer to Everton and Bobby Zamora’s arrival at QPR. The update also...

  • News Prove Your Skills with FIFA Street

    Show off

    While this FIFA Street trailer is supposed to highlight all of the game’s various game modes and rule-sets, we found ourselves unable to see past the vast array of tricks on display. We’ve never been to a street football match so we can’t commentate on what actually goes on, but having spent many years playing kick-about in the school playground we can confirm that proceedings were..

  • News Grand Slam Tennis 2 Launch Trailer Smashes Online

    Mac attack

    With EA Sports' Grand Slam Tennis 2 due out on European store shelves this week, the publisher has served up an official launch trailer for the game highlighting all of its features and modes. There’s a mixture of classic and modern footage on show, in addition to a few seconds of Sharapova’s trademark screaming. Yeah, we could have done without that part too. Still, for tennis buffs..

  • News SSX Introduces Global Events and GeoTags

    Social snowboarding

    If you’re in the UK, we suspect the last thing you want to hear about is snow. But put those memories spent lingering on icy train stations to the back of your mind, because SSX demands your attention. In a brand new trailer, creative director Todd Batty has introduced a couple of the title’s online modes. First up is Global Events, which represents the game’s main..

  • News SSX Online Pass Does Not Block Out Multiplayer

    Yesterday we reported that EA's upcoming arcade snowboarding title, SSX, would require an online pass to participate online

    We were speculated based on traditions — and we're happy to say that we were wrong. If you pick up a used copy of SSX you will be able to play the game online, however any rewards you unlock from doing so will remain...

  • News Stop Press: SSX Gets Online Pass

    It's not in the least bit surprising that EA Sports' latest multiplayer outing, SSX, should come packaged with an online pass -- but it's something you probably might like to know

    The anti-used game measure was spotted in a Giant Bomb video, which highlighted the option to "Redeem" an online pass in the game's opening screen. While you'll...

  • News EA Sports Introduces Grand Slam Tennis 2's Pro AI System

    Signature acoustics

    In a new trailer, Grand Slam Tennis 2's excitable producer, Thomas Singleton, has offered a birds-eye view at the upcoming sim's Pro AI system. The theory is that the game's able to capture the behaviour of its professional players — from John "you cannot be serious"..

  • News EA Sports: SSX To Usher New Era For Extreme Sports

    There was a time when Tony Hawk's Pro Skater was king of the world

    It was the Call Of Duty of the time — an unbeatable franchise that the entire industry was trying to ape. But oversaturation and a general lack of new ideas meant that the genre quickly lost its relevance. EA's hoping that the return of the SSX franchise later in the year will usher in a new era for extreme sports. "Over the..

  • News Wayne Rooney Rocks Up In... Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13

    We're certain you won't see a more bizarre headline than this all year: Blockbuster has revealed its pre-order bonuses for the upcoming Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13, and they involve, erm, Wayne Rooney

    That's right, the Manchester United striker will be joined by fellow footballers James Milner, Theo Walcott and Petr Cech in the upcoming golf sim. A second pack will boast ice hockey favourite Jeremy..

  • News UK Sales Charts: Rayman Origins Stages Miraculous Comeback

    Just call it the comeback king; despite looking down and out when it launched on PlayStation 3 last year, Ubisoft Montpellier's cracking Rayman Origins has broken into the UK multiformat top-ten for the first time since its release

    No doubt propelled by a slew of retailer discounts, the pretty platformer managed to climb ahead of Bethesda's RAGE to finish up in ninth on this week's best-selling..

  • News Boo: There'll Be No Hawk-Eye In Grand Slam Tennis 2

    We must admit, Hawk-Eye did cross our mind when we got our hands-on Grand Slam Tennis 2 earlier in the month

    For those unfamiliar with tennis, Hawk-Eye is a technology which judges the trajectory of a shot or serve in order to help make difficult decisions. But the feature won't make its way into Grand Slam Tennis 2, according to producer Liam Miller. “It’s not like we didn’t think about it..

  • News UK Sales Charts: FIFA 12 Tops For The Fourth Week In A Row

    FIFA 12's still top of the league, after shutting out fierce competition from Just Dance 3 and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim to hold onto the top-spot for a fourth consecutive week

    Shooty favourites Battlefield 3 and Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 rounded out the top five — while Zumba Fitness reclaimed its grip on the UK, posting two titles in the top ten. We may have to dig up the old image if..

  • News Grand Slam Tennis 2 Takes A Timely Trip To The Australian Open

    With the Australian Open officially underway -- and Britain's hopefuls already down and out -- EA Sports has released a brand new Grand Slam Tennis 2 trailer to tie in with the event

    The Rod Laver arena always makes for a tropical backdrop in tennis games, with its blue, hard court surface illuminated by floodlights and the Australian sun. See what we mean after the break.

  • First Impressions Grand Slam Tennis 2 on PS3

    Skill based control has become a foundation of EA Sports' output this generation

    Tiger Woods, Skate and Fight Night have all experimented with right analogue stick inputs, bringing a new level of fidelity to traditionally arcadey experiences. Grand Slam Tennis 2 mimics EA Sports' ambition, bringing a new level of shot precision to the game of...

  • News Grand Slam Tennis 2 Demo Smashes Onto PlayStation Network

    It's time to don your Puma head-band and Wilson branded socks, as the demo for Grand Slam Tennis 2 has finally lobbed its way onto the PlayStation Network

    In order to celebrate the release, EA Sports has served up a brand new trailer focusing on current top-dog Novak Djokovic and fan-favourite Rafael Nadal. Catch the trailer after the jump, then go...

  • News Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13 Swings Onto PS3 On March 27th In North America, March 30th In Europe

    After a strong return to form with last year's iteration, EA Sports will be hoping to maintain the momentum of its chief golf simulator with Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13, due for release on March 27th in North America and March 30th in Europe

    Developed by EA Tiburon, the latest version of the game will feature 22 golfers and 16 championship courses, in addition to revamped swing mechanics and enhanced..

  • News Learn About Total Racquet Control in Grand Slam Tennis 2

    Get a grip

    We're now a matter of weeks from Grand Slam Tennis 2 and its promising PlayStation Move features, but what exactly is EA's "Total Racquet Control" system? The publisher has released the video below to explain its new control method in more detail, though it's actually for traditional controllers rather than Move; here's hoping...

  • News UK Sales Charts: FIFA 12 Maintains Its Reign At The Top Of The Charts

    Buoyed no doubt by a strong week of football, FIFA 12 has held onto its position atop the UK sales charts for a third week running

    With January ushering a mini-drought for new software releases, the chart is filled with familiar faces; with Battlefield 3, Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, Just Dance 3 and Skyrim all rounding out the top five. There was still space for id's RAGE though, which rocketed..

  • News Trio Of Top Demos Pledged For PlayStation Store


    Sony's announced that a batch of anticipated demos are days away from launching on the PlayStation Store. Amongst the retail samples include Final Fantasy XIII-2, Asura's Wrath and, our most anticipated, Grand Slam Tennis 2. The news comes via the American-arm of the PlayStation Blog, meaning the news relates to the US PlayStation...

  • News SSX Gets Tricky In New Trailer, Piles On The Accolades

    Would you like to know every single positive thing that's ever been said about EA Sports' upcoming SSX reboot? Then this trailer's totally got your back

    Outside of the praise, the trailer boasts a bunch of gameplay footage from the tricked-out racer. It's taken a while, but the game's finally starting to look like it's deserving of its name. Catch the trailer after the break.

  • News Grand Slam Tennis 2 Introduces Total Racquet Control

    Grand Slam Tennis 2 is right at the top of our most anticipated releases for 2012

    We know, pretty weird huh? But regular readers will be all too aware of our adoration for tennis based video games. While we're still a little concerned about the quality of the game's pledged PlayStation Move support — please, please, please be good — we're still intrigued by the game's standard controller..

  • News EA Labels FIFA On PS Vita 'The Most Controllable Ever'

    People are keen to complain about touch-screen controls wherever they turn up

    Even though the PlayStation Vita version of Uncharted: Golden Abyss is entirely playable in the traditional manner, you'll still find a select number of seasoned whiners moaning about the use of touch to navigate Nathan Drake through the world. FIFA on PS Vita's no different, but unlike Uncharted we actually think the..

  • News Grand Slam Tennis 2 Celebrates Wimbledon In New Trailer

    There's only so many times you can lift the "London Lawn Tennis" trophy before you start to long for the real thing

    The Wimbledon license has been the achilles' heel of a number of top tennis titles over the years, but Grand Slam Tennis 2, it appears, won't suffer from the same flaw. In a chest beating trailer, EA's celebrated Grand Slam Tennis 2's "exclusive" access to the prestigious..

  • News EA Pushes SSX To March, Gets Us Pumped In The Process

    EA has delayed its upcoming SSX reboot for the second time

    The snowboarding title was originally due out on Valentine's Day, but will now drop on February 28th in North America and March 2nd in Europe. In a letter to fans, producer Todd Batty cited polish as the reason for the delay. “Over the course of more than 10 years of making games I have not worked on a single project where our team did not..