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  • News New Golfers, Courses, and More Coming to Rory McIlroy PGA Tour

    Free golf

    Last month, Rory McIlroy PGA Tour received a free course just in time for the Tour Championship. Now, EA Sports has announced that

  • Poll FIFA 16 Versus PES 2016 - Which Footy Sim Has Rocketed Into Your Top Corner?

    What a fixture

    It's been a while since FIFA and Pro Evolution Soccer have clashed on what feels like relatively equal ground, yet here we are, with many footy fans demanding that PES 2016 be recognised as this year's champion. Meanwhile, FIFA 16 enthusiasts are being quick to point out its various improvements over its predecessors. You can read...

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    Review FIFA 16

    Pace yourself

    It's easy to say that with every year that passes, it gets harder and harder to review FIFA. EA Sports' annual licensed franchise loves nothing more than to stick to its guns, and with no real competition for its popularity crown, it's no surprise that this is the case. FIFA 15 was another solid, very enjoyable instalment in what's...

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    Review NHL 16

    The icemen cometh

    When EA Canada said that NHL 14 would be skipping a next generation release so that it could concentrate on making NHL 15 the best that it could possibly be, no one really batted an eyelid. It sounded like a perfectly reasonable thing and for the most part it was accepted. That is, until NHL 15 released. Hockey's first foray onto...

  • News Rory McIlroy PGA Tour Gets Free Course in New Update


    Rory McIlroy PGA Tour isn't exactly the best golf game. In fact, it's not a very good sports game in general. One of the main issues that we, and many other critics, had was that the game didn't have many courses or player options. Since release, EA Sports has been trying to correct the former. In the most recent update, out today, EA Sports...

  • Round Up FIFA 16 PS4 Reviews Attack the Last Man

    On target

    The battle for soccer supremacy is back on, with PES 2016: Pro Evolution Soccer wowing critics earlier in the month. FIFA 16 will, of course, outpace Konami's classic in the sales department, but can it beat it in the reviews, too? The answer, it would appear, is not quite – but this is an AGUERRRO-esque to-the-wire race. We've included...

  • News FIFA 16's Commercial Features Some Fancy Footwork

    Play beautiful

    You may want to turn your speakers down for this FIFA 16 commercial as the operatic theme is a little, shall we say, noisy. Still, this is a pretty nifty trailer featuring a vast array of famous faces, from Lionel Messi and Sergio Aguero right the way through to Kobe Bryant. United States forward Alex Morgan also puts in an appearance...

  • News FIFA 16 Soundtrack Is as Varied as Ever, Featuring Artists We've Never Heard Of

    How many do you know?

    We're not ashamed to admit that we've discovered many an enjoyable musician thanks to the varied licensed soundtracks that FIFA titles tend to employ. This year's edition, FIFA 16, boasts a total of 42 artists hailing from 15 different countries, and as always, we don't have a clue who most of them are. Still, at least Steve...

  • News The FIFA 16 Demo Is Ready for Kick Off on PS4 Right Now

    12 teams, Ultimate Team Draft, 4.6GB

    Ready to get into training for this year's FIFA, are you? Well you're in luck if so, because FIFA 16's playable demo is now available on the PlayStation 4. Weighing in at a hefty 4.6GB, you probably won't be taking the new model out for a spin straight after work, but at least you'll be sorted for an evening of...

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    Review Madden NFL 16

    Take a Tebow

    There are three types of people when it comes to American Football: the people that love it, the people that don't care about it, and the people who think that it's 'namby-pamby rugby'. Only the people in the first camp would usually play this year's edition of the Madden series, even more so now because of the increasing tactical...

  • News Puck Off! NHL 16 Scores PS4 Bundle in Canada

    As cold as ice

    Ice hockey's a sport that's not particularly, er, popular here in the UK, but we know that our commonwealth cohorts are big fans of the ice-based action. Sony's probably pretty smart announcing a PlayStation 4 bundle for the forthcoming NHL 16, then, which will skate its way into Canadian stores from 15th September for $449.99. The...

  • Gamescom 2015 FIFA 16 Is All About the Banter

    Different style of Pele

    Sports games: the bane of most EA press conferences. FIFA 16 has always looked out of place at E3 – everyone remembers the infamous Pele interview – but in Cologne it was at home, showing off some new features and dispelling all of the "just another roster update" rumours. The new headline feature is FUT Draft, shown off...

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    Review EA Sports Rory McIlroy PGA Tour

    Missing the bread and putter

    EA Sports Rory McIlroy PGA Tour is this year's NHL 15. Moment-to-moment, the gameplay is great, and thanks to a few solid control schemes, anyone can play it. But beyond the swinging, putting, and aesthetics is a lacklustre, depthless sports game. Period. And this really is a shame because the title gets off to a hot...

  • News Women's World Cup Winner Alex Morgan Joins Lionel Messi on the Cover of FIFA 16 in the US

    The trophy wasn't enough

    For the first time ever, FIFA will feature women's teams, with FIFA 16 boasting twelve playable international squads. To celebrate this, EA Sports has revealed that Women's World Cup winner Alex Morgan will be joining Lionel Messi on the cover of the upcoming soccer sim in the US. Morgan helped guide the USA to victory in...

  • News This Is What FIFA 16 Brings to the Beautiful Game

    Raising the bar

    Oft criticised for not doing enough to warrant a new instalment every year, the FIFA franchise is always attempting to make bold claims regarding new features that it's bringing to the beautiful game. If you can look past the usual marketing guff, FIFA 16's gameplay innovations trailer breaks down what's new reasonably well, so...

  • News Liverpool's Jordan Henderson Is Officially FIFA 16's UK Cover Star

    You'll never walk alone

    Being named club captain isn't the only good news for Jordan Henderson today, as Liverpool Football Club's official Twitter account has broken the story that he's also been voted as FIFA 16's cover star. The 25-year-old will join regular Lionel Messi on the game's box in the UK. The midfielder beat out Manchester City's...

  • News German Football Star Takes Amazing Action After FIFA Player Smashes PS3 Controller

    Sehr gut

    German international Mario Götze may have scored the winning goal for his country in the 2014 world cup final, but his luck wasn't so great on the pitch of one gamer's PlayStation 3 copy of FIFA. Mario Thissen was enraged when Götze missed a 90th minute penalty in his game - so much so that he smashed his DualShock 3 into pieces. Not...

  • News E3 2015: NBA Live 16 Brings Bombastic Basketball to PS4 on 29th September

    Hail to the hoop god

    EA's E3 conference was packed to the brim with sports this year, and one such title was basketball sim NBA Live 16. The publisher debuted a new trailer for the game, showing off its Live Motion feature, which is designed to stop matches from feeling scripted. However, most important of all was the onstage presence of the 'Hoop...

  • News FIFA Is Skipping a Season on PS Vita


    FIFA 16 may be keeping the ball rolling on last-gen consoles, but it'll be taking a season off as far as handhelds are concerned. The upcoming sports simulator won't be appearing on the PlayStation Vita this year, although we're not entirely sure what difference that'll actually make. Indeed, each portable iteration of the mega franchise has...

  • News FIFA 16 Makes History by Adding Women's National Teams

    She shoots, she scores

    In what's arguably the biggest addition to the FIFA franchise in years, FIFA 16 will boast 12 women's national teams, which are Germany, USA, France, Sweden, England, Brazil, Canada, Australia, Spain, China, Italy, and Mexico. The sides will be playable in kick off mode, offline tournaments, and online friendlies. The...

  • News Stand Under Rory McIlroy PGA Tour's Umbrella! 'Ella! 'Ella!

    Ey! Ey! Ey!

    We finally agree with EA Sports on something: collector's editions are getting predictable. After all, we don't think that anyone wants a statue of Northern Irish ace Rory McIlroy with their copy of, er, Rory McIlroy PGA Tour on the PlayStation 4. An umbrella, though? Well, that's not only useful, but it's allowed us to quote Rihanna,...

  • News Rory McIlroy PGA Tour Tees Off in New PS4 Trailer

    Ever green

    EA Sports Rory McIlroy PGA Tour may not have the most memorable name, but the publisher is at least attempting to make an unforgettable game. As part of the golf simulation's very first gameplay trailer, the Redwood-based organisation has offered a brief overview of the title's various control options: Arcade, Classic, and Tour. The...

  • News Gasp! EA Can't Muster Augusta for Rory McIlroy PGA Tour on PS4

    Not-so Masterful move

    Golf's most famous course, the Augusta National, will be missing in the PlayStation 4's forthcoming EA Sports Rory McIlroy PGA Tour. The iconic American club, home to the Masters tournament which has just teed off in real-life, will not put in an appearance because the publisher's license has expired. "Our license with...

  • News Rory McIlroy Tames Tiger Woods in PGA Tour PS4

    Swings to Sony's system this summer

    The eve of St. Paddy's Day seems like a perfect time to announce that Northern Irish swing king Rory McIlroy will be replacing Tiger Woods as the face of EA Sports' popular PGA Tour series. The four-time Major champion will make his PlayStation 4 debut this June in – take a deep breath – EA Sports Rory...

  • News UK Sales Charts: FIFA 15 Still at the Top of the League

    No way, José

    We hope that you enjoy dreary UK sales charts updates, because we doubt that the top ten’s going to change a whole lot over the next couple of months. FIFA 15 has held onto its place atop the best sellers list this week, battling off Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, Grand Theft Auto V, Far Cry 4, and

  • News UK Sales Charts: FIFA 15 Stages a Christmas League Comeback

    The Crew cruises into sixth

    After a few weeks off the top of the charts, FIFA 15 has staged an impressive comeback – and dethroned its rivals to reach the summit of the UK sales charts yet again. The soccer sim got its nose in front of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare and Grand Theft Auto V, both of which occupied the second and third spots...

  • News UK Sales Charts: FIFA 15 Does Its Best Chelsea Impression at Top

    No way, José

    There’s still no unsettling FIFA 15, which has now secured six weeks at the top of the UK sales charts. Xbox One exclusive Sunset Overdrive seemingly gave it a run for its money in second, but it looks like we’re going to have to wait for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare to knock it off its perch. Thank heavens for that, because...

  • News UK Sales Charts: FIFA 15 Fights Off Minecraft for Fifth Week at Summit

    The invincibles

    There’s no stopping EA Sports’ soccer simulation it seems, as FIFA 15 is currently enjoying yet another week at the summit of the UK sales charts. The footie favourite has sat at the top of the league for five weeks now, and is unlikely to budge next week either. Of course, we’re sure that Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare at the...

  • News UK Sales Charts: The Evil Within Can't Shoo FIFA 15 from Summit

    Ball boo

    How many scalps has EA Sports’ soccer sim claimed in the UK sales charts now? FIFA 15 has occupied Chart-Track’s top spot for several weeks since launch, and nothing appears capable of unsettling it – not even Shinji Mikami’s spooky survival horror, The Evil Within. Bethesda’s blockbuster instead finished in second this time, one...

  • News UK Sales Charts: FIFA 15 Brushes Aside Alien: Isolation and DriveClub

    League leaders

    FIFA 15 is a bit like a Jose Mourinho team at the minute: stubborn and utterly unbeatable. Despite the release of Alien: Isolation and DriveClub last week, neither could unsettle the soccer sim from its perch at the top of the UK sales charts. The former debuted in second, which may disappoint publisher SEGA a little seeing as it...

  • News UK Sales Charts: None Shall Pass FIFA 15, As Shadow of Mordor Enters in Second

    Lord of the league

    FIFA 15 fought off its first big competitor for the title this week, remaining at the summit of the UK sales charts – despite the excellent Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor deploying on Friday. The Lord of the Rings spin-off entered in second, netting the biggest ever British launch for a game based on the fantasy franchise. The...

  • News UK Sales Charts: FIFA 15 Kicks Destiny Off the Top

    Got some balls

    That didn’t last long, did it? To be fair, a quick glance at the release calendar would have told you that Destiny wouldn’t be dominating the UK sales charts forever – especially with FIFA 15 looming on the horizon. And, unsurprisingly, it’s the soccer simulation that’s knocked Bungie’s first-person shooter off the top,...

  • Round Up FIFA 15 PS4 Reviews On Target Yet Again

    No Hazard here

    Much like one of a handful of Premier League teams from several years ago, EA Sports’ scarily popular FIFA franchise is no stranger to the final stages of the Champion’s League – after all, the soccer series has been dominating European sales charts for some time now. And it looks like FIFA 15 will not buck that trend, with this...

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    Review NHL 15

    Too few men on the ice

    Last year, when EA made it apparent that NHL 14 would be the only sports game to be skipping out on arriving on the (at the time) next generation of consoles, some people were distraught – this author included. Why would the publisher miss out on introducing NHL to the PlayStation 4 as soon as possible? It was explained to...

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    Review Madden NFL 15

    Defensive win

    It’s Madden Season, so it's time to pone your rivals and show them what you're made of on the gridiron — well, the virtual gridiron, at least. Unlike previous titles, this year’s release of the American football simulator makes some pretty massive changes to the way that the game is played. Madden NFL 15 has taken inspiration...

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    Review EA Sports UFC

    Figurative knock out

    From its inception in the early 90s to calls for a ban on what Senator John McCain called ‘human cockfighting’, Ultimate Fighting Championship exploded in popularity in the mid-2000s, and its following shows no signs of diminishing. As such, there have been a number of video game tie-ins over the years, but it is with the...

  • Weirdness Mike Tyson Wants You to Own the Most Garish PS4 Yet

    Suits you, sir

    There are plenty of custom PlayStation 4 consoles doing the rounds, but this Bruce Lee themed unit is arguably the gaudiest to date. Part of a promotion for the recently released EA Sports UFC, the bright orange unit comes with a matching DualShock 4 and a copy of the game. It also includes the aforementioned martial artist’s...

  • E3 2014 FIFA 15 Brings Emotion to the PS4 and PS3 on 26th September

    Serious sports

    There was plenty for sports fans to get excited about in Electronic Arts' E3 press conference today, with several of its long-running franchises being given the star treatment. Of particular note was FIFA 15, which received a remarkably dramatic trailer purporting that this year's soccer-sim will be the most 'emotional' entry yet...

  • E3 2014 EA Sports PGA Tour Goes Beyond the Boundaries of Golf

    You sunk my battleship

    Now that Tiger Woods is no longer on the box, it seems that EA Sports has been given the creative freedom to go a little bonkers with its first next-gen golf simulation. Indeed, the boringly named PGA Tour's first trailer shows a combination of famous courses and fantasy ones – including one which takes place near to a...

  • News So, EA Sports Is Not Giving Up on This NBA Live Lark on PS4

    Publisher's got balls

    This author will openly admit that he doesn’t know his basketball from his netball, but that doesn’t mean that the sport isn’t all the rage in various parts of the world. It’s little wonder, then, that EA Sports is still eager to muscle its way into the slam dunking space with NBA Live 15 for the PlayStation 4 – the...

  • News You'll Be Able to Submit to EA Sports UFC's Slick PS4 Visuals Next Week

    Hey good lookin'

    There are undoubtedly some lookers in the pipeline for the PlayStation 4, but EA Sports UFC is definitely towards the top of the pile. The popular North American publisher recently released a gameplay video showing off the title’s photo realistic visuals, and you’ll be able to experience them for yourselves when a demo for the...

  • News FIFA 14's World Cup Update Will Kick Off a Little Later Than Expected

    Rio you're disappointed

    EA Sports has put the boot in its plans to launch FIFA 14’s post-release World Cup update today. The new iteration of Ultimate Team had been set to deploy later, but writing on the popular soccer simulation’s official forums, a spokesperson for the publisher revealed that it has encountered some “unforeseen issues”...

  • News FIFA 14 Is Going to the World Cup Thanks to a Free FUT Update

    Summer is here

    Mega publisher EA must be feeling generous, because the fantastic FIFA 14 is getting a free update that adds an entirely new FIFA Ultimate Team mode that's based upon the upcoming World Cup. Available to download on 29th May on both the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4, the patch will slot the new take on FIFA's most popular mode into...

  • News Move Along DriveClub, EA Sports UFC May Actually Be PS4's Best Looking Game

    Knock out

    While the PlayStation 3 continued to impress throughout its lifespan, it started to reach its limits around the release of Uncharted 2: Among Thieves way back in 2009. We’re not saying that titles like The Last of Us and Beyond: Two Souls weren’t exceptional, but they never quite caused us to stare in disbe

  • News UK Sales Charts: FIFA 14 Tops, Minecraft PS3 Digs Deep

    Brickin' it

    The release of Minecraft: PlayStation 3 Edition at retail outlets last week means that Mojang’s mega creation is likely to occupy two slots in the top ten moving forwards, as Sony’s version tussles with Microsoft’s for sales superiority. The blockbusters finished third and fourth respectively this time around, with PlayStation 4...

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    Review EA Sports 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil

    A place in the sun

    Summertime is often a period where people like to make memories. Whether it's creating moments of happiness with friends or taking the time to clear out your ridiculous gaming backlog as the sun blazes outside, there's no time quite like it. However, what usually makes summer all the more enjoyable – especially if you're a footy...

  • News Madden NFL 15 Looks Practically Petrifying on the PS4

    If looks could kill

    It’s that time of the year where this editor starts panicking over who’s going to review the latest American Football game. While our UK-based office is brimming with footy fanatics, the majority of this team has a fondness for the wrong kind of beautiful game, and that’s likely to cause problems when Madden NFL 15 touches...

  • News This Is What Bruce Lee Looks Like in EA Sports UFC

    He's in the game

    Hot on the heels of last night’s leak, EA Sports has entered the dragon with a brand new trailer teasing the inclusion of Bruce Lee in its upcoming mixed martial arts simulation. As previously hinted, if you pre-order the upcoming EA Sports UFC for the PlayStation 4, you’ll be able to play as the kung-fu king – and

  • News UK Sales Charts: FIFA 14 Sprints in Front of inFAMOUS: Second Son

    On fine form

    inFAMOUS: Second Son’s reign at the top of the UK sales charts appears to be over, as EA Sports’ uber-popular soccer simulation FIFA 14 has scored its 11th spell at the top of the league. Sucker Punch’s superhero excursion actually dropped out of the European qualification spots entirely, finishing up in sixth – a slightly...

  • News Bruce Lee Plays the Game of Death in EA Sports UFC on PS4


    If you’re a fan of sweaty men in small pants but don’t enjoy the theatrics of wrestling, then we’re assuming that you’re a bit of a UFC boffin. Fortunately for you, in the wake of THQ’s complete and utter capitulation, EA Sports has been busy beavering away on a title based upon the popular mixed martial arts property – and...