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  • News PS5's Controller Could Reduce Latency with PlayStation Now

    Direct input

    Sony’s been in the streaming business for years now, but it’s finally taking it seriously. As reported earlier today, PlayStation Now will continue to be supported on the PlayStation 5, and the console’s controller could have a big advantage for those looking to subscribe to the service. As discovered by Dutch website Techtastic,...

  • News The Outer Worlds Is Enhanced on PS4 Pro After All

    Private Division weighs in

    Update: Despite previous reports, The Outer Worlds is enhanced on PS4 Pro after all. According to a Twitter message from publisher Private Division, the title upscales to 4K from 1440p on Sony's supercharged system. Here's what the organisation had to say: Original Story: The Outer Worlds will still release on the...

  • News PS4 Devs Are Finding New Ways to Add More Trophies to Their Games


    Games are becoming relevant for longer, with studios supporting their software for years after release. It’s nice for hardcore fans of certain titles to see their continued investment incentivised with new Trophies – especially where expensive DLC is concerned. Fortunately, developers are finding new ways to reward players by creating...

  • News Fans Want Ex-Ghostwire: Tokyo Director Ikumi Nakamura to Join Sony

    Sound the Siren

    Ex-Ghostwire: Tokyo creative director Ikumi Nakamura captured the attention (and hearts) of gamers around the world when she revealed Tango Gameworks’ next project at E3 2018 earlier in the year. Unfortunately, she’s since parted ways with the Tokyo-based studio, and fans are hoping that she may have a future with Sony’s...

  • Talking Point What if the PS5 Could Play Games from Every PlayStation Console?

    A pipedream?

    Here’s an outlandish idea: what if the PlayStation 5 could play games from every PlayStation console ever made – including the handhelds? To be clear, that would include: PS5, PS4, PS3, PS2, PSone, PS Vita, and PSP – the manufacturer’s entire 25 year history, in one device. Obviously, we wouldn’t expect the next-gen console to...

  • News US PS Store Sale Spotlights Spooky Titles Ahead of Halloween

    Player beware, you're in for a scare

    Fancy something a little darker to celebrate the shorter days? Sony’s celebrating Halloween with a new US PlayStation Store sale, spanning dozens of spooky titles – including essentials like Alien: Isolation ($11.99), Outlast ($4.99), and Resident Evil 2 ($29.99). There are some confusing inclusions here –...

  • News Google Stadia Brings PS Now's First Real Competitor on 19th November

    The streaming wars start now

    PlayStation Now may have been discarded from the conversation, but it’s still the only game streaming service currently on the market. That changes on 19th November, as Google gears up the release of its Stadia initiative. The launch will be limited to begin with, as the search engine giant sells off its Founder’s...

  • Soapbox Sony Is Doing Its Smaller Exclusives a Disservice

    Sammy's irked by PlayStation's poor promotion

    Concrete Genie isn’t the first PlayStation exclusive to get short shrift from publisher Sony, and it certainly won’t be the last. The platform holder’s back catalogue is peppered with interesting experiences that it failed to commit enough resources to: Puppeteer, Tokyo Jungle, Bound, Gravity Rush...

  • News Fortnite's Finale Shows Service Games At Their Best

    The end of the world as we know it

    Frustratingly, no one at Push Square plays cultural phenomenon Fortnite, so this article is running about 12 hours late. Nevertheless, it’s been fascinating to learn how Epic Games wrapped up the anticipated 10th Season to its Early Access Battle Royale blockbuster. (Yes, that previous sentence has us stumped...

  • Guide Will PS5 Be Backwards Compatible with PS4 Games?

    Can you play PS4 games on the PS5?

    Will the PS5 be backwards compatible with the PS4? One of the biggest questions regarding the PlayStation 5 is whether you’ll be able to play PlayStation 4 games on it. In this article, we’re going to explain how PS4 games will work on the PS5. We’ll also consider whether the PlayStation 5 will be backwards...

  • Guide Will Sony Release a PS5 Pro?

    PlayStation 5 Pro release date speculation

    Will there be a PS5 Pro? Sony and Microsoft both dramatically changed the traditional console cycle with the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X respectively, so will the PlayStation 5 follow in its predecessor’s footsteps and offer a supercharged version? In this guide, we’re going to consider whether there’ll be...

  • Guide What Will the PS5's Price Be?

    How much will the PlayStation 5 cost?

    How much will the PS5 cost? What is the PlayStation 5’s price going to be when it releases? While there is plenty of excitement for Sony’s next-gen console right now, there are also worries that it won’t be particularly affordable. In this article, we’re going to look at the latest rumours and consider...

  • Talking Point What Are You Playing This Weekend? - Issue 292

    Tell me your wish

    How has the weather changed so quickly? One minute we were wearing shorts, now we’re hugging our winter jackets. The good news is that you have absolutely no reason to go outside anymore, so it’s time to catch up on that growing collection of video games you’ve been side-eyeing all summer. Sammy Barker, Editor: I’m taking...

  • Guide New PS4 Games Releasing in October 2019

    Every upcoming PlayStation 4 release date in October 2019

    What new PS4 games are releasing in October 2019? This is a gargantuan window for the PlayStation 4, so you can kiss goodbye to your social life. Headline titles include Destiny 2: Shadowkeep, Concrete Genie, MediEvil, and The Outer Worlds – but spare a thought for the likes of Afterparty,...

  • News Marvel's Iron Man VR Release Date Revealed at New York Comic Con


    Update: Sony's officially outlined Marvel's Iron Man VR's roster of purchase options. The standard release will cost just $39.99, and if you pre-order from participating retailers you'll score four custom armours and a dynamic PS4 theme. Plump up for the $49.99 Digital Deluxe version from the PlayStation Store and you'll grab a further four...

  • News Marvel's Avengers Adds Sixth Playable Hero, Kamala Khan

    Elastic action

    Marvel’s Avengers has taken a bit of a battering since being formally unveiled at E3 2019, but the project has started to look a lot more interesting in recent months. Case in point: this Kamala Khan unveiling is pretty neat, as Ms Marvel has been officially confirmed as the release’s sixth playable character. For those out of the...

  • Guide Best PS4 Sports Games

    The best sports games on the PlayStation 4

    What are the best sports games on the PS4? Whether you’re a die-hard footie aficionado or a casual basketball watcher, there’s no question that sports games are among the most popular on consoles these days. Whether it’s hardcore simulations or more arcade-like adaptations, we’ve compiled the very...

  • News PS Now Annual Subscription Under £40 in UK

    What are you waiting for?

    PlayStation Now is awesome again – even Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida’s gone and signed up. You’re probably considering grabbing a monthly subscription at the service’s new low price, but before you do, may we recommend you check out this deal in the UK: a whopping 12 months for just £39.85. That works...

  • News GT Sport Spec 2's New Opening Movie Is As Ostentatious As Ever

    Cars, cars, sports

    Gran Turismo Sport is getting repackaged and re-released as a double-disc Spec 2 bumper edition, and it has a brand new intro movie to boot. The epic five minute clip starts out by showcasing scenes from recent e-sports events involving the racer, before seguing into some beautiful panning of shots of virtual cars motoring through...

  • News Lady Who Lent Likeness to The Last of Us 2's Dina Reacts to Release Date Trailer

    "She looks like an alien"

    And just like that, the kooky Cascina Caradonna has returned to YouTube to react to the latest trailer for The Last of Us: Part II. For those of you who missed our story on this last year, the American actress lent her likeness to Dina’s model, but she does not play the part. Instead, the role is occupied by West

  • Guide How to Stop Ads Being Added to the PS4's Dashboard

    Rid your PlayStation 4 of unwanted Featured Content

    How do you stop ads from appearing automatically on your PS4’s home menu screen? This can be a source of annoyance for many, as Sony occasionally adds random icons to your already cluttered PlayStation 4 dashboard, promoting content that you don’t want. Fortunately, the platform holder’s made...

  • News PS Now Ads Begin Appearing on PS4's Dashboard


    Sony really wants to remind you that PlayStation Now is a service that exists since it’s halved the price. The company – which has allowed Google and Microsoft to dominate the cloud gaming conversation over the past few months, despite neither offering a real-world product yet – has added a new advertisement to the PlayStation 4’s...

  • Guide How to Play MLB The Show 19 on PS4

    All the basics for baseball beginners

    MLB The Show 19 is, as far as we’re concerned, the best sports game available on the PlayStation 4 right now. It is, however, incredibly niche. Unless you live in the United States or parts of Asia, there’s a good chance you may not know baseball’s rules – pretty tricky if you’re planning to play a...

  • News Start Saving! Nintendo PlayStation Prototype to Go on Sale

    Going once, going twice

    Do you think if we have a whip around we can afford this? Cedric Biscay – the founder of Magic Monaco and a key player in the production of Shenmue III – has revealed on social media that Terry Diebold intends to sell the only known Nintendo PlayStation prototype in existence. He happened upon the mythological machine...