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  • Guide Best Free PS4 Themes

    Find your dream theme

    What are the best free PS4 themes? Nothing says more about you as a gamer than the theme you choose to customise your PlayStation 4 home screen with. Thankfully, the PlayStation Store is filled with hundreds of different themes you can use to pay tribute to your favourite characters, worlds, and games. To browse different...

  • Guide Best Hidden Gems and Overlooked Games on PS4

    Underrated titles that may have passed you by

    As we move towards the conclusion of this generation, plenty of gamers are looking back on what has been a stellar line up of titles for PlayStation 4. But with such a huge catalogue of outstanding AAA games to discuss, what about all the excellent smaller experiences that don’t always get the...

  • Review Beyond Blue - An Ocean Exploration Sim with a Surprising Amount Below the Surface

    The underwater world is your oyster

    Following on from the likes of Endless Ocean and Subnautica, Beyond Blue is an underwater exploration game in which you control a human diver. That diver is Mirai and, along with a team of fellow marine scientists, it’s her job to investigate various underwater landscapes with the hope of better understanding...

  • Review Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey - Too Much Monkeying Around in This Ambitious Survival Sim

    Money see, monkey don’t

    Set 10 million years before the dawn of humanity, Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey is the story of ape to proto-human evolution, with particular emphasis on the dangers that forced our fuzzy forebears into learning the skills that ensured the human success story. Taking place in prehistoric Africa, Ancestors throws the...

  • Review Edna & Harvey: Harvey’s New Eyes - An Enjoyable Point and Click Adventure with a Dark Twist

    Keep your eyes peeled

    Edna & Harvey: Harvey’s New Eyes is a follow up to 2008’s Edna & Harvey: The Breakout. Set in the same world as the original (not that you need to have played the first game to enjoy this one), Harvey’s New Eyes is a point and click adventure in the classic 2D style. Despite being a sequel to Edna & Harvey,...

  • Review F1 2019 - Solid But Evolutionary Formula One Driving Sim

    The old F1-F2

    F1 2019 is the next instalment in Codemasters’ hugely popular Formula One racing franchise, and it’s arriving nearly two months earlier in the calendar than the previous games. But with the addition of F2, a couple of racing legends, and a visual polish, does this entry take franchise pole position? Fire up a race in F1 2019 as a...

  • Review My Time At Portia - A Delightful Post-Apocalyptic Life Sim

    Workshop till you drop

    My Time At Portia is a charming life simulation game, revolving around your new life running a workshop in the post-apocalyptic town of Portia. Unlike most such settings, Portia is brimming with vibrant colours and cheerful residents. However, the town still bears the scars of the apocalyptic event which ravished the world...

  • Review The King’s Bird Review - Relaxing Indie Puzzler Never Quite Takes Flight

    Failure to launch

    Unshackled from the restraints of gravity, The King’s Bird follows the story of a young girl who takes to the skies, gliding effortlessly through vibrant 2D worlds while uncovering the history of her world. Fuelled by relatively simplistic gameplay, The King’s Bird involves moving fluidly between platforms and utilising the...

  • Game of the Year 2018 Rebecca's Personal Picks

    Ink machine

    The annual Push Square Towers tradition is back, as we sit down our scribes and pester them once more for their five favourite PlayStation games of the year. With such a strong assortment of software in 2018, it’s always tough deciding upon the cream of the crop. We confiscated Rebecca's Nintendo Switch before she handed in her list...

  • Game of the Year 2018 #5 - Detroit: Become Human

    Paranoid androids

    Quantic Dream has never been a studio to shy away from moral dilemmas and the big questions. Just look at its previous two releases, Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls. While Heavy Rain used a detective story to explore loss and desperation, Beyond: Two Souls considers fitting in and finding your place in the world. Detroit: Become...

  • Review The First Tree - A Deep and Meaningful Journey

    The fox and the profound

    The First Tree effortlessly intertwines fluid gameplay, silky visuals, and two heart-breaking stories. The game opens on a snowy mountain peak where a fox awakens to find her cubs that have vanished. At the same time, a troubled man awakens and begins to tell his partner a story about his youth, rebellion, and coping with...

  • Review The Forest – Survival Horror in a Deep Dark Wood

    Forest chomp

    There’s something rather unsettling about the island peninsula you find yourself stranded on during the opening cutscene of The Forest. While the landscape is populated with lush plant life and bountiful rivers, people initially seem absent and an eerie silence hangs heavy in the air. Eric is seemingly the sole survivor of a...

  • Guide Best PS4 Games You Can Play in a Day

    Afternoon delights

    What are the best PS4 games you can beat in a day? With time so precious in this busy world, there is often far less opportunity to game than most players would like. But don’t worry, the PlayStation catalogue has even the most time-constrained gamer covered. What follows are ten fantastic PS4 games that you can complete in an...

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    Review Planet Alpha

    Out of this world

    We all know the difference between day and night on Earth, but do light and darkness cause similar transformations on alien worlds? This is the question driving Planet Alpha, a 2D platformer featuring an unnamed spaceman, stranded on a mysterious planet. To escape, our lost astronaut is going to have to delve deeper into an unknown...

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    Review F1 2018

    Trulli awesome

    Codemasters’ newest instalment in its celebrated F1 franchise is finally here, promising high-speed thrills, new modes and improved racing mechanics. Essentially, however, F1 2018 is a polished version of F1 2017. Last season’s effort already impressed, but small changes to the 2018 instalment have elevated the game to the most...

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    Review Hello Neighbor

    Hello and goodbye

    Have you ever wondered what’s happening behind the closed doors and drawn curtains of your neighbour’s house? Ever wished you could sneak into their abode and reveal the inner workings of their secret lives? In Hello Neighbor, you do just that. The premise of this stealth horror game is a simple one. A young boy, innocently...

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    Review Airheart: Tales of Broken Wings

    Crash land?

    On the floating island of Granaria, life for Amelia promises to be much different to the harsh surface world she’s left behind. A beautiful city set amidst the clouds, Granaria’s main industry is skyfishing. But with skies teeming with pirates, life in the heavens may not be as simple as Amelia anticipated. Airheart: Tales of Broken...

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    Review Next Up Hero

    Holding out for a hero

    Death in video games is so frequent that it has virtually lost all meaning. Any slip up is instantly forgiven, and the player is often respawned perfectly alive and well almost instantly. Next Up Hero twists this dynamic on its head, turning game death into a playable mechanic. Next Up Hero is an isometric dungeon crawler...