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    Review Tales of Berseria

    Velvet not cut from the same cloth

    You can always count on the Tales series to keep to its roots. While the latest Final Fantasy might have divided opinion with its more Westernised open world direction, Tales of Berseria is a far more typical Japanese role-playing game that continues – and develops, in some meaningful ways – the genre's...

  • Game of the Year 2016 Jacob's Personal PlayStation Picks

    Lasting appeal

    It's time once again for the indomitable staff here at Push Square to share their own personal Game of the Year picks. Every year, we herd our writers together and force them to spill their opinions on their five favourite games of the last 12 months. Usually, this involves poking them with a stick until they come clean. Below, you'll...

  • Feature How Abstraction Games Evolved to Get ARK on PS4

    And how it nearly didn't make it in 2016

    Sitting on some extremely positive Steam reviews since its initial release on PC in the summer of 2015, ARK: Survival Evolved has since gone from strength to strength with a stream of updates and even a full expansion pack. It's gathered an active and outspoken fan base – so strong, in fact, that fans were...

  • PSX 2016 Marvel vs Capcom Infinite Teams Up with PS4 in 2017

    Marvel vs. Capcom 3 available today on PS4

    At Sony's PSX 2016 press conference this evening, Capcom announced the latest entry into the Marvel vs Capcom series. Officially entitled Marvel vs Capcom Infinite, the game will feature 2v2 battles as opposed to the 3v3 of prior entries, and will include a slew of gaming modes including, yes, Arcade mode...

  • News The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine Wins Best RPG at The Game Awards 2016

    Reeling them in

    Fresh from winning awards for Best Storytelling and Best Visual Design at the Golden Joystick's two weeks ago, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt's second expansion Blood and Wine is back in the headlines today having won the award for Best Role-Playing Game at The Game Awards gala in Los Angeles last night. Game Director at CD Projekt Red,...

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    Review Yesterday Origins

    Yesterday came suddenly

    You might not know it in the modern era of gaming, but you can have an extensive and detailed narrative told on a much smaller scale than the open world blockbusters we've become accustomed to. It wasn't really that long ago that games such as the Monkey Island series or the Broken Sword games were the highlight of narrative...

  • Soapbox How The Last of Us Proves That Resolution Isn't Everything

    Jacob Hull likes PS4 Pro, but loves soul

    Being one of the first games to support the PlayStation 4 Pro at launch – and including a native 4K setting with HDR, I might add – I started playing through The Last of Us Remastered to get a feel for the new tech. I'd intended just to have a quick look and see what HDR gaming looked like, but it didn't...

  • Soapbox Skyrim Still Has Plenty to Offer Five Years On

    Jacob Hull still loves Tamriel's Northern realm

    Along with many, I'm of the opinion that CD Projekt Red's The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is one of the best – if not the best – open world role-playing game ever made. I mean, we gave it a rare 10/10 here on Push Square, after all. It improved the open world template in so many ways that make the genre...

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    Review RIVE

    Going out with a bang

    There's a moment early on in RIVE where our protagonist self-acknowledges that there may be "one level of Asteroids too many", and he's not far from the mark. Contextually speaking, RIVE is like a smorgasbord of borrowed elements: the nuts, bolts and upgrades from Ratchet & Clank; the typical double jump aspect of just...

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    Review Assetto Corsa

    Ass-etto Corsa

    With Project CARS already in the wild and Gran Turismo Sport on the way later this year, as well as other realistic and excellent racers of their own kind in DiRT Rally and F1 2016 already out, there's plenty of variation and choice in the racing simulator market on the PlayStation 4 right now. But having garnered a hefty following...

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    Review F1 2016


    Codemasters is back, and with real assurance. It had seemed for a while that the once racing game experts had fallen off the wagon so to speak, with European rally turning to American X-Games and Formula One lacking the glitz and glamour of its real-life counterpart. Thankfully, the developer seems to be back on track following the...

  • Gamescom 2016 Metal Gear Survive Won't Be a Full-Priced Release

    No price given

    Following on from this morning's announcement, Konami has shared some more information about upcoming title Metal Gear Survive. Speaking to Polygon at Gamescom 2016 in Germany, the publisher says that Metal Gear Survive is a companion title to the larger Metal Gear series and

  • Gamescom 2016 Ubisoft's Steep Set for Winter Release

    Beta registration now open

    Ubisoft's new open-world skiing, snowboarding, and gliding title Steep has today been given an official release date of 2nd December. Initially believed to be set solely in the Alps, the company has also revealed that the game is set to expand following its launch. While Alaskan slopes will be a free addition as part of...

  • Gamescom 2016 Metal Gear Survives Without Hideo Kojima as Co-Op Spin-Off

    Metal Gear Zombies?

    Konami has revealed Metal Gear Survive at Gamescom 2016, the first game in the series to not have any input from series creator Hideo Kojima, who parted ways with the company last year following the release of The Phantom Pain. Set for a 2017 launch on PlayStation 4, the new title is a four-player co-op game that takes place in...

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    Review Chambara

    Locally sourced

    The advent of online console gaming for a time led to something of a dearth of decent arena combat games, but thankfully the PlayStation 4 has gone through something of a renaissance on this front in recent times. With a slew of great local multiplayer games such as Sportsfriends, Stikbold!, and Towerfall Ascension, Chambara joins a...

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    Review Obliteracers

    Micro machines

    Obliteracers is a cute, party-focused kart racing game with a medley of different playful weapons to pick-up and a selection of unorthodox looking characters to choose from. Sound familiar? Well, that's because it's a genre that has been well-and-truly mastered elsewhere, although it's also one that's surprisingly sparse on...

  • News Adr1ft Coming to PS4 This Month

    Gravity's a bitch

    Space survival sim Adr1ft is set to launch on PlayStation 4 on 15th July, according to creator Adam Orth. Although the game was designed with VR in mind – and, indeed, delayed from its original PC release to accommodate the launch of Oculus Rift – the PS4 version is yet to be confirmed for PlayStation VR when it launches in...

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    Review Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness

    Lacking integrity?

    Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness gets off to a bad start. Text-based tutorials greet you from the off, and you're quickly shuttled from one place to another with very little reasoning or context. Early on you'll realise that this game wants things to move quickly, and this only becomes clearer as you progress through the...

  • E3 2016 FIFA 17 Will Take to the Touchline with Premier League Managers

    They're in the game

    Following on from the news that FIFA 17 will indeed include a full story mode following the personal and professional journey of the fictional Alex Hunter, EA has also announced that managers will be included in the game. Expect to see fully realised models of all 20 Premier League managers who will prowl the touchlines and...

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    Review Oxenfree

    Life is strange

    Narrative is often overlooked in favour of the more natural forms of interactivity that are inherent to video games. But in the last few years, we've gotten a series of thoughtful and engaging titles that have really pushed the medium forward in this regard. Not only have they changed our perceptions of what constitutes a game, but...

  • News Obliteracers Joins Team PlayStation This Summer

    Annihilate your friends come July

    Obliteracers certainly looks like a-bit-of-fun, and the award-winning formerly PC-only racer is set to leave the pit-lane and race onto the PlayStation 4 on 15th July. Harking back to the kind of chaotic titles of the 2000s, Obliteracers is an arcade party racer in which up to 16 competitors race, shoot,...

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    Review KOI

    A missed oppor-tuna-ty

    With the introduction of consoles to China comes a new market of consumers and drastically increased marketing opportunities, but also a bigger development pool. KOI's claim to fame, then, is that it's the first Chinese-developed game to be published in the West for PlayStation 4. It perhaps fits that a country often...

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    Review République

    Society's last Hope

    With a team comprising former Metal Gear Solid developers, it's perhaps no surprise that République is a stealth game. In fact, it's evident right from the outset that Metal Gear Solid was an influence on proceedings, although the narrative and characters of République stand alone, unique within the often homogeneous backdrop...

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    Review McDroid

    These are not the McDroid's you're looking for

    McDroid can be summed up as such: a real-time strategy tower defence crossover with the attitude and style of Borderlands, the charm of Star Wars, and frustrating difficulty spikes of Atlus' Devil Survivor. It takes a tired genre that has been well and truly done to death and mixes it all in with...