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    Review The Walking Dead: Season 2, Episode 1 - All That Remains

    Bite me

    When episodic outfit Telltale Games’ macabre The Walking Dead adaptation first shuffled its way onto the PlayStation Network way back in 2012, many people were apprehensive following a string of licensed tie-ins that didn’t quite hit the mark. Perhaps this is part of the reason why Lee and Clementine’s five episode first season proved...

  • Video Watch As We Recap December's Best PlayStation Games


    There’s no rest for the wicked – no, seriously. After a year spent stealing all of the office HobNobs and blaming it on a kindly stray dog, this regretful Video Editor has had his promised New Year break revoked. Making humorous YouTube roundups isn’t easy when you’re chained to your chair in nothing but your underwear, but it’s...

  • Guide How to Save the Humans and Stave Off the Keepers in Resogun on PS4

    Tips 'n' tricks

    It’s fair to say that Resogun has left our lives in complete and utter tatters. We’ve been unable to eat, sleep, or even communicate properly in the wake of our November Game of the Month winner, and who can blame us? Housemarque’s gorgeous shmup is an outstanding release – and it’s a free one to boot. However, if you have...

  • Video Watch As We Recap November's Best PlayStation Games

    This time in predominantly non-text form

    Reading is for chumps – at least, that’s what you’d hear any Video Editor say. As such, if you’re not keen on using your brain to learn about PlayStation’s biggest November releases, then we’ve produced this handy (and hopefully hilarious) footage for your easy living entertainment. We’ll be...

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    Review Worms: Revolution Extreme

    Extreme port

    Originally released for the PlayStation 3 last year, we found Worms: Revolution to be “a game that will appeal more to old school fans, as newcomers will find it frustrating due to its control issues”. Having made the jump to the PlayStation Vita with all three of its DLC packs and a subtle name expansion, does the touch-friendly...

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    Review WWE 2K14

    Laying the Smackdown

    An orphan of THQ’s unfortunate demise at the beginning of this year, the WWE videogame license was quickly snapped up by 2K, and while its role appears to have been limited to simply overseeing WWE 2K14’s completion, the final product is the most comprehensive wrestling package yet. As the 30th anniversary of WrestleMania...

  • DLC Review Diving into BioShock Infinite: Burial at Sea - Episode One

    High and dry

    Trading the open air of Columbia for the giant aquarium that is Rapture, Irrational Games’ first helping of story-based BioShock Infinite DLC deployed this week. But does Burial at Sea - Episode One improve upon the studio's slightly disappointing arena-based expansion, or is it dead in the water too? Bearing a remarkable likeness to...

  • Feature Games of the Generation - Ben's Five Favourites

    Long live Tim

    Welcome to Push Square’s all-encompassing Games of the Generation series. In the lead up to the PlayStation 4’s release later this week, we’ll be rounding up our writers in an effort to look back at some of their favourite PlayStation 3 games. These titles have been hand-selected personally by each individual author, and now it's...

  • News What Are the Main Differences Between Call of Duty: Ghosts on PS4 and PS3?

    New perspective

    As the latest entry in the seemingly unstoppable Call of Duty franchise exploded onto store shelves today, so too did our very first PlayStation 4 review. But with the title set to deploy on both current generation and next generation systems, we figured that we should summarise some of the key differences between the two releases...

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    Review Call of Duty: Ghosts

    Same old sheet

    Over the past five years, the Call of Duty franchise has slow-motion breached its way into popular culture, with millions of fans worldwide eagerly enabling last year’s Call of Duty: Black Ops II to earn over $500 million in just 24 hours. Whether this trend continues remains to be seen, but the bigger question is: does Call of...

  • Guide How to Make Easy RP in Grand Theft Auto Online

    Street cred

    Levelling up in Grand Theft Auto Online can be a really tedious, frustrating grind, especially given the availability of uninteresting missions and the noticeable lack of the much-anticipated heists. Fortunately for you, sneaky Internet folk have uncovered a way to make everything a little easier for you as we demonstrate in the handy...

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    Review The Wolf Among Us: Episode 1 - Faith

    Little red riding in the hood

    Fresh off the incredible success of the first season of its The Walking Dead adaptation, Telltale Games is now faced with the almost insurmountable task of trying to match the lofty heights of Lee and Clem’s walker-dodging misadventures. In order to attempt this feat, it's adopted the Fables comic franchise as the...

  • Guide How to Make Easy Money in Grand Theft Auto Online

    Cash back

    Completing missions and playing "properly" is for losers – and for good people who've been pushed over the edge by frustrating server issues. Do you really think that morality matters when you're stomping around Los Santos as your digital alter ego, running over pedestrians and gunning down innocent bystanders? Well, it doesn't. So,...

  • First Impressions Basking in the Glow of Child of Light

    Baby bright

    The second UbiArt-powered game to be unveiled at Ubisoft’s Digital Days 2013 event, Child of Light – which is launching on both the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 – was pitched to us as “a JRPG for those that don’t have the time to invest a hundred hours into a game”. While this quote may trouble some hardcore JRPG fans,...

  • Preview Digging Deep into the Trenches in Valiant Hearts: The Great War on PS3 and PS4

    War and leash

    Ubisoft broke new ground in 2011 with its innovative UbiArt Framework game engine, a technology which allows artists to easily create assets and embed them into interactive environments. We’ve already seen it used to brilliant effect in the recent Rayman games, and since then people have been crying out for it to be leveraged in more...

  • First Impressions Going Underground With Ubisoft's Watch_Dogs

    We go hands-on at Ubisoft's Digital Days 2013

    One of many blockbuster titles in Ubisoft’s stable adopting their second screen experience initiative, the potential for Watch_Dogs’ iOS "H_ide" app is high — and in a game where you can hack everything, you’re not quite as unhackable as you might think. At Ubisoft’s Digital Days 2013 event in...

  • First Impressions Join The Crew - Hitting The Road With Ubisoft's PS4 Open World Racer

    Burning rubber

    Unique social functions and second screen experiences are the new chic for the video game industry at the moment, with every other publisher attempting to shoehorn in ways to ‘enhance’ your gameplay experience. No publisher is pushing for this innovative change more than Ubisoft and its seamlessly online-integrated race-em-up, The...

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    Review Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons

    Sibling Revelry

    Renowned for developing first person shooters, it may surprise some to discover that Starbreeze Studios are behind this charming indie adventure. Whether they choose to continue developing titles like Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons is unclear, but they’ve certainly proven that they’re more than capable of expanding their scope...

  • Video Watch As We Dig into the Underworld in Diablo III on PS3

    Hell fire

    Diablo III isn’t the first PC title to be ported to the PlayStation 3, and it certainly won’t be the last. However, few could dispute the magnitude of Blizzard's overdue arrival on the current generation console, especially considering the serious server hiccups that its sequel's popularity prompted at launch last year. Fortunately,...

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    Review Real Boxing

    Undisputed champion

    Having performed extremely well as an app on both iOS and Android devices, it was only a matter of time before Unreal Engine 3-based punch-‘em-up Real Boxing made its way to Sony’s handheld. The good news is that it makes the perilous jump almost seamlessly. Upon starting the game, you’ll be asked to customise your boxer,...

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    Review Snowy: Treasure Hunter

    Snow laughing matter

    Fresh off Beatshapers’ porting production line comes Snowy: Treasure Hunter, a title starring a polar bear with a passion for treasure thievery. But while Beatshapers' porting pedigree speaks for itself, are Snowy’s adventures really worth the £6.49 asking price? Presented from a side-on view, the goal of each level is to...

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    Review The Bureau: XCOM Declassified

    Should've remained classified

    Serving as a prequel of sorts to the long-running XCOM series, The Bureau: XCOM Declassified attempts to fuse the strategic elements of turn-based tactical alien zap-em-up XCOM: Enemy Unknown with a third-person shooter. Unfortunately, while there are glimmers of entertainment, the concept doesn't quite coalesce into a...

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    Review The Smurfs 2: The Video Game

    Feeling blue

    One may assume that the business of producing low-budget movie tie-ins died with the untimely self-destruction of THQ, but Ubisoft has boldly picked up the slack with The Smurfs 2: The Video Game, and, as is normally the case with these sorts of releases, the results aren't particularly positive. The evil Gargamel and his two...

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    Review Painkiller: Hell & Damnation

    Damn it all to Hell

    Developers have a nasty habit of referring to their games as ‘old school’ when they know that they may not be very good by modern standards. Pitched as a nostalgic trip down memory lane, and designed to serve as both a remake and a sequel to 2004’s Painkiller, does Painkiller: Hell & Damnation dance with the devil or...