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  • Video Watch As We Recap February 2015's Best PS4, PS3, and Vita Games

    Dark days

    February 2015 may have been quite literally the worst month in PlayStation history, but that's not stopped us from pumping out another recap video. Watch on as we crown Dragon Ball XenoVerse, and also break a bit of bad news to Sir Galahad and crew. He didn't take it particularly well, we're afraid to say. Oh well, remember to push that...

  • Video Watch As We Recap January 2015's Best PS4, PS3, and Vita Games

    January blues

    Who missed me? Aw, look at that, you've all gone shy... And quiet... And have started walking in the wrong bloody direction! C'mon back precious eyes, because if we don't get 500 views on this Game of the Month clip then this video editor has a noose around his neck, and let me tell you, he's darn well not afraid to use it. There'll be...

  • Video Why Middle-earth Shadow of Mordor Is Our Game of the Year

    You orc to know

    It's tag-team time. For the final instalment in our gruelling Game of the Year coverage, this video editor has paired up with Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor reviewer Joey Thurmond to uncover just why Monolith Productions' open world adventure deserves our overall PlayStation Platinum Trophy gong. Yeah, the Dudley Boyz may want to...

  • Video Watch As We Recap 2014's Best PS4 Games

    Once more with feeling

    If this video were a part of a pudding, it'd be the delicious sponge bit separating the jelly and custard in a nice trifle. In other words: it represents the centre piece of our coverage, before we get to the fruity finale next week. "What's it all about, then?" we hear you scream. Well, it's the best PS4 games of 2014 –...

  • Video Watch As We Recap 2014's Best PS3 Games

    Old but gold

    ... And we're back. Following on from yesterday's uber-awesome PlayStation Vita video – what do you mean you didn't watch it yet? – we're here to talk you through the best PlayStation 3 games of 2014. As an aside, there are free Ferrero Rochers up for grabs if you subscribe to our YouTube channel*. See y'all tomorrow. [ Subscribe...

  • Video Watch As We Recap 2014's Best PS Vita Games

    Handheld highfliers

    Hello everyone – we trust you all had a very Merry Thursday. As you may have noticed elsewhere on the site, we'll be filling the next week's news void with oodles of articles on the Best PlayStation Games of 2014 – and this Video Editor has been busy preparing some videos for those of you that don't like to read. Watch on for...

  • Video Watch As We Recap November's Best PS4, PS3, and Vita Games

    Slay to go

    We’re trying something different with this latest Game of the Month video, as this video editor can’t stomach another restless weekend sat in front of Final Cut for a clip that will barely break 100 views. As such, this month’s edition has been condensed like a piece of IKEA flat pack furniture. Unlike the Swedish megastore’s...

  • Video Everything That's Wrong with WWE 2K15 PS4's My Career Mode

    CM Flunk

    As the only member of the Push Square team that regularly rocks up for work dressed as the Ultimate Warrior, this particular Video Editor was more excited for WWE 2K15 on PS4 than a date with diva extraordinaire, Paige. Unfortunately, as our recent review indicated, the meat of the release, My Career mode, is a dismal disappointment. Allow...

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    Review WWE 2K15

    Three-Star Frog Splash

    It’s been a month since we saw WWE 2K15’s last-gen offering – a game that we called “a kick in the teeth” – released on the PlayStation 3, but with updated visuals, an improved control scheme, and promising new game modes, is its PlayStation 4 big brother much better? Thankfully, the power of the next-gen hardware...

  • Video How's the Latest Beta for The Crew Faring on PS4?

    Rocky road

    Words are overrated. We were going to pen a big lengthy article on The Crew’s most recent PlayStation 4 beta, but that takes time to both write and read. Instead, we figured that we’d show you how we’re getting on with Ubisoft’s latest racer. As you can see, things are going just great. [ Subscribe to our YouTube channel for...

  • Video Watch As We Recap October's Best PlayStation Games

    Off the rails

    New music, new games, new video – it’s Game of the Month time. Again. Already. Despite the fact that these come around bloody fast, we’ve got a corker lined up for you today. Watch on as we pick a new backing track in realtime, watch cat robots quaff boiled eggs, and, er, publish silly pictures of an alien with an afro. See you...

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    Review WWE 2K15

    Low blow

    If you’re a wrestling fan, it’s been hard to ignore 2K Sports’ constant bragging about just how revolutionary WWE 2K15 is going to be. However, while this certainly looks to be true with the PlayStation 4 version, the recycled gameplay and samey ideas present in the last-gen effort leave a lot to be desired. When booting up the game...

  • Video Watch As We Recap September's Best PlayStation Games

    Back online

    Thank Taffin – the Internet works. Can you imagine a world without underwater cats, Pierce Brosnan, and adult actresses doing really weird things with Bounty bars? Well, that’s exactly what this Video Editor has experienced – and it was awful. BT’s finally fixed your humble host’s busted broadband connection, though, so that...

  • First Impressions Does WWE 2K15 on PS4 Have Heavyweight Pedigree?

    Yes! Yes! Yes!

    If you heard loud screaming coming from the back corner of Earls Court, it may have been us. Yes, 2K Sports brought the PlayStation 4 version of WWE 2K15 to the UK’s biggest video game fair this year, EGX London, and throwing ourselves at a free demo unit, it became all too apparent why our fellow revellers were yelling at full tilt...

  • Video Listen to Us Discuss the PS4's Biggest Upcoming Games

    Pod thing

    One of the biggest requests for Push Square both internally and externally is some kind of podcast, but it’s been on the backburner for some time now. However, at EGX London last week, we decided to give the idea a go, in order to catalogue both our experiences on the show floor – and also see if the concept would actually, y'know,...

  • Video Destiny - A Gentleman's Guide to Co-Operative Etiquette

    For immediate release

    London, England – The Push Square Corporation, an upstanding broadcaster based in London, England, has today announced its latest programme: ‘Destiny - A Gentleman’s Guide to Co-Operative Etiquette’. This fabulous crash course promises to provide an articulate aid to your intergalactic exploits in Bungie’s brilliant...

  • Video Watch As We Recap August's Best PlayStation Games

    Another port, another GotM award

    Two PS3 to PS4 ports in just as many months, and both of them win our Game of the Month award. That's right, Push Square's staff are secretly trying to rile you up to the point where you think we're all either evil port pushers or sickening indie apologists. Is it working yet? If not, take a look at our typically...

  • Video Watch as We Take a Trip Back in Time to Round-Up Gamescom 2014 and Its Game of the Show

    Oh the memories

    Ah, good old Gamescom 2014. Remember when it divided the gaming community because of its supposed focus on smaller games? We thought that you would. Anyway, we know that it's a bit late, but madcap Video Editor Ben Potter would still love for you to watch his typically mental round-up video. As you may remember, the newly announced...

  • Video Watch As We Recap July's Best PlayStation Games

    Viva la France

    We almost, almost ran this pre-amble through Google Translate and posted it up in French. In fact, your humble host’s pointer finger was hovering over the publish button, but we’ve decided to switch back to the English version. Why change language in the first place? Well, because this video editor is currently swatting flies...

  • Video Alright, Want to Know the Best Thing About Destiny on PS4?

    Blame it on the boogie

    We’ve said a lot about Destiny on the PlayStation 4. There are some things that we love about the game, and some things that we’re not so keen on. However, there’s one thing that we can all agree on: dancing is seriously fun. No, really – we even made a daft video to prove it. Show us your best moves in the commen

  • Video Will David Hayter Star in PS4's Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain After All?

    Solid theory

    Metal Gear Solid overlord Hideo Kojima loves a good ruse – and we reckon that he’s up to his old tricks again. David Hayter, otherwise known as the voice of Solid Snake and Big Boss, may have been rather publicly ‘replaced’ by 24 star Kiefer Sutherland in his familiar role, but is this just another Phantom Pain-esque troll from...

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    Review The Wolf Among Us: Episode 5 - Cry Wolf

    Every dog has its day

    So, this is it. We’ve finally made it to the end of protagonist Bigby Wolf’s investigation into the murder of a Fabletown resident that began some eight months ago. It’s been one hell of a journey, with plot twists, surprising levels of violence, and acts so unspeakable that Walt Disney would turn in his grave if he knew...

  • Video Watch As We Recap June's Best PlayStation Games

    Valiant effort

    Ding dong, E3 is dead – and that means that order has been restored here at Push Square Towers. That’s right, as opposed to sitting staring intently at computer screens, we’re now all bickering over whether the Dynasty Warriors franchise is actually any good. It’s not, but it still bloomin’ made its way into our June Game of...

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    Review EA Sports UFC

    Figurative knock out

    From its inception in the early 90s to calls for a ban on what Senator John McCain called ‘human cockfighting’, Ultimate Fighting Championship exploded in popularity in the mid-2000s, and its following shows no signs of diminishing. As such, there have been a number of video game tie-ins over the years, but it is with the...