The Last of Us Yoshitaka Amano
Image: Cook and Becker

In a beautiful marriage between two seminal series, legendary Final Fantasy artist and character designer Yoshitaka Amano, in partnership with Naughty Dog, has turned his hand to The Last of Us, blessing us with the resultant print.

Created using pencils and watercolours, mediums with which Amano is intimately acquainted, the print depicts Joel and Ellie in the classic style that graces the covers of many Final Fantasy game boxes. The story-book style works for the typically gritty universe of The Last of Us, and we could see this thing gracing the wall of the room in which we game.

Shipping exclusively through Cook and Becker, the Deluxe and Hand-signed Deluxe editions have already sold out. The premium poster (28 H x 20 W inch) and art print (39 H x 20 W) will run you $49 and $249, respectively and are limited in number, so if this unique artistic expression strikes your fancy, you'd better move quickly.

What do you think of Amano-san's latest work? Would you consider hanging such a piece in your home? Let us know in the comments section below.

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