News - 2022, Week 30

Monday1st Aug 2022

Sunday31st Jul 2022

Saturday30th Jul 2022

  • Guide All DualSense PS5 Controller Colours

    And where to buy them!

    What are all the DualSense PS5 controller colours? As with all previous PlayStation consoles, the PS5's official controller comes in a variety of different colour schemes. Sony usually spreads these out over the course of a generation, but we end up with a wide variety of choice in colours. If you're not a big fan of the...

  • News Sony Coy on Potential PS5 Price Increase

    "There is nothing specific to share"

    Sony has failed to rule out a potential PS5 price increase, as it said there is “nothing specific to share” on the subject. Speaking to investors in an earnings call earlier in the week, the company was asked about a hypothetical hike after it bumped the MSRP of a number of its home electronics, including...

  • Hands On Digimon Survive Has Potential, But It Feels Padded So Far

    Visual novel RPG is slow to start

    Digimon Survive is out right now for PS4, but you may have noticed that we don't have a review here on Push Square yet. This is unfortunately due to issues outside of our control, but having sunk roughly six hours into the game, we thought that it would be best to bring you some hands on impressions ahead of the...

  • News MultiVersus Has Insanely Low Input Latency on PS5

    After companies committed to fixing Unreal issues

    Earlier in the year, fighting game tournament EVO, game engine maker Epic Games, and platform holder Sony all confirmed that they’re collaborating on an issue regarding input latency with the Unreal Engine on the PS5. It’s all been a bit awkward for PlayStation: while it’s marketing its PS5...

  • Guide MultiVersus: How to Earn Gold Fast

    Unlock characters quicker by maximising your income

    Wondering how to earn Gold fast in MultiVersus? Gold is one of two primary currencies in Warner Bros' platform fighter, but unlike Gleamium it's earned purely through gameplay. This means if you don't intend to spend real money on the game, then you'll want to know how to earn Gold fast. With Gold,...

  • News Nioh Dev's Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Is Getting a Playable Demo in the 'Near Future'

    PS5, PS4 action RPG returns

    We haven't actually seen anything of Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty since it was revealed back in June, but that action-packed, graphically gorgeous trailer definitely pulled people's attention. We did get some gameplay details shortly after the announcement — it's an action RPG built on the back of Nioh

  • News Time Extension! Meet Our New Website for Reflective, Retro-Ish Gaming

    A site this good takes AGES

    We’re all about the next big thing here at Push Square. Whether it’s exciting sequels like God of War Ragnarok, promising new hardware platforms like PSVR2, or even entirely new services like PS Stars – there’s so much to look forward to, it’s rare we ever get the time to look back. That’s where

  • Talking Point What Are You Playing This Weekend? - Issue 437

    The big one

    Wow! This could very well be the biggest WAYP in quite some time! We've been having some email hiccups here at Push Square Towers y'see, but all seems to be resolved and now everyone's getting involved! Sammy Barker, Editor: To be honest, it's going to be a lot more MultiVersus for me. I love this game, although I am now eagerly...

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