DualSense PS5 PlayStation 5

This is blowing our mind a little bit: PlayStation 5’s next firmware update will add 3D audio for bog-standard television speakers, as previously promised. Naturally, the results won’t be as effective as with a quality pair of headphones, but Sony will optimise the experience by detecting the acoustics of your room using the microphone on your DualSense controller. Big brain thinking.

You’ll be able to toggle 3D audio for your TV speakers on-and-off in the sound settings. It’ll be interesting to see how well this works – it’s hard to imagine the sense of presence being quite the same as with a headset – but it’s good to see the platform holder delivering on promises it made prior to launch. After all, the firm always said that it would expand functionality to built-in TV speakers.

If you’re not up-to-date, the new PS5 firmware update – which doesn’t currently have a date but is in beta around the world right now – will also unlock access to the console’s SSD slot and make a bunch of necessary quality-of-life alterations.

[source theverge.com]