News - 2020, Week 37

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  • Poll How Much Are You Willing to Pay for PS5?

    Money matters

    We’ve tackled this topic on numerous occasions before, but the PS5’s price announcement must be nearing and so it’s always worth revisiting things and getting a feel for where people’s preferences lie. So in the wake of the Xbox Series S reveal today: how much are you willing to pay for the PlayStation 5? The conversation is...

  • News PS5 Pre-Orders Open This Week... Starting at £7,999 for a 24K Gold Console


    Good news, everyone: you can finally pre-order your PlayStation 5 this week. Bad news, everyone: not really. Truly Exquisite (an item personalisation company that targets the super rich), will begin taking pre-orders for its previously reported PS5 collection on the 10th September. Console pre-orders start at an eye-watering £7,999. That...

    • PS5
  • News PS5 Fans Think Sony Is Trolling Them with Ghost of Tsushima Gifs

    Relax and reflect

    We're all waiting for the PlayStation 5 price and release date right now, and every hour that ticks by is now only made worse by this morning's Xbox Series S reveal. We now know the cost of one of the consoles launching this year, but Sony has remained tight-lipped on its own line-up of systems at the time of writing. The wait has...

  • News Kena: Bridge of Spirits Takes Two Seconds to Boot on PS5

    About as long as it takes to read this sentence

    How long does your favourite game take to load on the PlayStation 4? We’re not talking about Suspend/Resume or anything like that; we mean the first time you select it from your system’s main menu. About 15 seconds? 30 seconds? Heck, a minute, maybe? Kena: Bridge of Spirits takes two seconds on a...

  • News PS5 Pre-Orders Reportedly Imminent, But Retailer Removes Tweet

    Patience is a virtue

    GAME Guildford, of all places, set the Internet alight earlier today by urging customers to “standby for updates” regarding PlayStation 5 pre-orders. In a tweet, which has since been deleted, the UK games store claimed that Sony has scheduled an “announcement” tomorrow and that things are about to “kick off this...

  • Review Hotshot Racing - Cracking Arcade Racer Is a Constant Joy

    Drifting into our hearts

    It's no secret that arcade racers have sort of gone away for most of PlayStation 4's lifespan. Most of the generation's best racing games lean towards simulation, which is fine, but those looking for a more casual experience don't have nearly as many options. This is where Hotshot Racing slides sideways into view, with all...

  • Review Inertial Drift - Arcade Racing with a Twist

    Neon dreams

    It feels like ages since we’ve had a decent arcade racer on PlayStation. Quick thrills often take a back seat to realism and vehicle calibration. Thankfully, Belfast-based dev Level 91 has channelled the likes of Burnout and Ridge Racer for its neon-drenched title Inertial Drift. There are no comprehensive difficulty modifiers here;...

  • News Ninja Gaiden Sigma Trilogy Listed for PS4 by Hong Kong Publisher

    Coming March 2021?

    Hong Kong's biggest game publisher and distributor has uploaded and quickly deleted a listing for a Ninja Gaiden Sigma Trilogy. The product page mentioned a PlayStation 4 release in March 2021 before being pulled. That's all the information we have to share right now, but if someone in the know speaks up or the collection is...

  • News Crash Bandicoot's Old Girlfriend Tawna Is Playable in Crash 4

    She's got a new look, too

    Tawna, Crash Bandicoot's old girlfriend, is back in Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time — and she's actually playable. The newly designed Tawna has been revealed through brand new gameplay fresh from PlayStation Underground. You can give it a watch above. Tawna comes equipped with one heck of a mean kick, and she's got a...

  • News Lords of the Fallen 2 Creates New Team Hexworks for PS5 Development

    Studio made up of roughly 25 people

    Publisher CI Games has opened up a brand new studio based in both Barcelona and Bucharest to take over development of Lords of the Fallen 2. The team of roughly 25 people is said to include industry veterans, all of which are planning to put out the follow-up to one of the earliest titles to imitate Dark Souls on...

  • News Pre-Order Crash Bandicoot 4 and Gain Access to a Demo Next Week

    Play two different levels

    If you're chomping at the bit to play Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time as soon as humanely possible, you might want to pre-order it on the PlayStation Store. Starting next week on 16th September 2020, you'll gain access to a demo featuring two different levels from the game that lucky members of the press got to sample a...

  • News Tennis World Tour 2 Adds Roland-Garros, But Only As Part of Annual Pass

    Although the core game is available cheaper

    Y’know, we understand what publisher Nacon’s trying to do here, but it’s probably not the best idea considering the shaky standing the series already finds itself. So let’s break it down for you: Tennis World Tour 2 costs $39.99/£44.99 depending on what region you purchase it from. Now ignoring...

  • News 13 Sentinels Gets a New English Voice Trailer

    Robot dreams

    13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim launches on PS4 in just a couple of weeks here in the West, and it'll come equipped with optional English audio. As its name suggests, the game features 13 main, playable characters — and you can hear some of their English voices in the latest trailer, which we've embedded above. Are you looking forward to 13...

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