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  • News PlayStation Shares Some Gobsmacking Ghost of Tsushima Player Stats

    How many foxes have you petted?

    PlayStation has shared a bunch of impressive-sounding Ghost of Tsushima statistics. The open world game's been out for a couple of weeks now, and it's fair to say that players have been busy. The key takeaways? People really like the Standoff mechanic. They also really like taking photos. Can't exactly blame them, can...

  • News Almost Everyone Is Banking on Sony Announcing PS5 Price and Release Date in August

    Including "insiders"

    August is the month for Sony to nail down many more PlayStation 5 details -- or so the internet would have you believe. That's right folks, we're once again at that point where desperation is setting in. Sony's been silent on the subject of next-gen since it revealed its upcoming console back in June, and of course this means...

  • Guide PS5 Guide: Ultimate PlayStation 5 Resource

    A complete guide to PlayStation 5

    PS5, or PlayStation 5 as it's fully titled, is Sony's fifth home console. It's the successor to the PS4, which released in November 2013. The manufacturer is yet to announce a PS5 release date, although it has confirmed that the next-gen console will launch worldwide at some point during Holiday 2020. The company is...

  • Guide Is There a PS5 Pro?

    When will the PS5 Pro release?

    Is there a PS5 Pro? When will Sony release the PS5 Pro? How much will PlayStation 5 Pro cost? What is PS5 Pro's release date? Sony has already revealed the PS5 and the PS5: Digital Edition, but what about an upgraded console with better hardware inside? As part of our PS5 guide, we're going to reveal whether there will...

  • Poll What PS5 Information Do You Want Most?

    Price? Release date? Launch games?

    It feels like an age has passed since the PlayStation 5 was revealed. We're all sitting here hungry to hear more, but Sony's been silent on its next-gen plans ever since the big event in the middle of June. The Japanese giant still has so much to information to share. We don't have a price. We don't have a release...

  • Review Cuphead - Cartoon Run and Gun Is As Hard As It Is Beautiful

    Storm in a teacup

    There's not much more we can really add to the conversation surrounding Cuphead. It's been out for nearly three years on other platforms, and arrives on PlayStation 4 with everyone in the know. While we'll probably just be echoing others, it would be remiss of us to not voice our thoughts, so here goes. Cuphead is the grandma of...

  • Guide PlayStation Now FAQ: Everything You Need to Know

    All you need to know about PS Now

    What is PlayStation Now? How much does PS Now cost? What games are available on PS Now? In this guide, we aim to answer all your questions regarding PlayStation Now, the service that allows you to stream and download a wide variety of games for a monthly fee. Sony has been constantly updating and improving the...

  • Guide New PS4 Games This Week (27th July to 2nd August)

    Destroy All Humans! Demon's Tilt! Maid of Sker!

    There's a load of new PS4 games to look forward to in this week's PlayStation Store Update, including the remake of Destroy All Humans and Demon's Tilt. For a full list of all new PS4 game release dates in 2020, click through the link. New PS4 Games This Week (27th July to 2nd August): Below is a...

  • News 2K Sports' New NFL Game to Touchdown on PS5 in 2021

    Will be an arcade alternative to Madden

    2K Sports has signed an agreement with the National Football League Players Association to ensure that the NFL’s biggest stars will appear in “multiple” American football projects it has in the pipeline, the first of which is scheduled to release next year. According to a press release, the...

  • Guide Upcoming PS4 Games for August and September 2020

    Madden 21! Avengers! Tony Hawk!

    Can you believe we're already weeks into the latter half of 2020? The year hasn't panned out how any of us thought it would, but at least we have games to take our mind off things once in a while. As we head towards the final months of the year, things are looking pretty good for PlayStation 4 fans. What are you...

  • News EA Could Be Considering Warner Bros Gaming Division Buyout

    CFO drops a possible hint

    If you didn't already know, Warner Bros.' gaming division -- which includes developers such as Rocksteady (Batman Arkham) and NetherRealm (Mortal Kombat, Injustice) -- is up for sale. Priced at around $4 billion, the division certainly doesn't come cheap, and so only a handful of mega publishers have shown interest. As...

  • Guide Can You Use a PS5 Controller on PS4?

    Will DualSense work with PlayStation 4?

    Can you use a PS5 controller on PS4? We've already answered whether you can use a PS4 controller on PS5, but what about the other way around? Will the DualSense work with the PlayStation 4? As part of our PS5 guide, we're going to reveal whether you can use Sony's brand new pad on your current-gen console. For...

  • Guide Can You Download PS Now Games on PS5?

    Can you use PlayStation Now to download games to PS5?

    Can you download PS Now games on PS5? Can you download from PlayStation Now as well as stream on PS5? Sony introduced the ability to download certain games direct to your PS4 in a significant update to PS Now. Will this functionality be present on PS5 as well? As part of our PS5 guide, we'll give...

  • News Everyone Wants a New Splinter Cell Game, So Ubisoft's Making a Netflix Series

    Nailed it

    We've been waiting an eternity for another entry in the Splinter Cell franchise. Indeed, it feels as though we're on the cusp of a new game; Ubisoft has hinted at the return of Sam Fisher, and there have been some hints here and there. It makes sense to bring it back, and it turns out the publisher is doing just that -- only, not in the...

  • Guide All PS5 Apps

    A full list of services and applications on PlayStation 5

    PlayStation 5 is a gaming console first and foremost, but you may be looking for a list of all PS5 apps so far. These mostly consist of multimedia streaming platforms, such as Netflix and BBC iPlayer, and some may be region specific. As part of our ongoing PS5 guide, we're going to compile...

  • News New DIRT 5 Video Mucks In with Stampede Time Trial Gameplay

    Muddy waters

    We have to say, DIRT 5 is looking pretty darn good. Taking the series back to its more arcadey roots, this cross-gen entry could be one of PlayStation 5's first great racing games. It's looking like a lot of fun in this new gameplay clip, which shows off a time trial event on a Stampede track. The video shows how you'll be able to...

  • News Twist and Contort the World to Your Liking in Naught, Out Now on PS4

    Priced at £15.99/$19.99

    If you're looking for a stylish, 2D indie platformer to pass the time this weekend, why not check out the newly-released Naught on PlayStation 4? This unique take on jumping and dashing will have you twisting the environment around a tiny character trapped in dark underground tunnels, mazes, and lairs. It looks like a pretty...

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