News - 2020, Week 13

Sunday29th Mar 2020

  • News PS3 Messaging System to Be Stripped of PS4, PS Vita Support

    Last legs

    Is this the beginning of the very end for Sony's PlayStation 3 console? It could be. The Japanese giant has announced that from 30th June, the PS3 will no longer possess the ability to send messages to other platforms such as the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita, nor will it be able to receive them. The last-gen platform can still trade...

  • News Dreams Photorealism Has Pretty Much Everyone Flabbergasted

    Wait, what?

    What’s possible in PlayStation 4 exclusive Dreams? Perhaps we should ask what isn’t possible at this point. Talented creator BadRobo82 has been attracting attention all weekend with some staggeringly photorealistic scenes, with the below river sequence proving particularly popular. At times, it’s genuinely difficult to tell whether...

  • News NieR Replicant Coming to PS4 with 10 Year Anniversary Revival

    Original game getting an upgrade for PS4

    Here's a very brief history lesson. 10 years ago, the original NieR came to PlayStation 3 in the West with no subtitle, and no differences between platforms. However, over in Japan, there were two versions of the RPG: NieR Gestalt on Xbox 360, and NieR Replicant on PS3. The West played the former regardless...

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